Wholesale Spice Grinders & The Psychology of Packaging

The psychology of packaging is often overlooked, but in the case of products such as wholesale spice grinders, it can play a vital role in consumer decisions. This term refers to the way that packaging influences the decision-making process. From simple factors such as grinder size to ergonomic factors such as bottle shape and even brand colours, each aspect determines the way that consumers view your product. Although the product itself is equally important, with a direct effect on sales, reputation and quality, how the product is packaged is something that should never be treated as an after-thought.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the psychology of packaging and how it affects your choice of wholesale spice grinders.

Can Wholesale Spice Grinders Impact Packaging Psychology?

Your choice of wholesale spice grinders has a direct impact on the psychology of packaging, whether it is making the right first impression, providing perceived value, choosing sustainable options, helping your brand stand out, ensuring that spices stay fresh or keeping user experience in mind.

First impressions

In the highly competitive retail space, it helps to remember that consumers make decisions in a matter of seconds. When browsing salt, pepper, herbs or other seasoning on the shelves, a decision on whether to reach for your product or another brand’s product is made extremely quickly. While there’s no doubt that brand loyalty comes into play in the case of trusted, long-standing brands, many other things will influence that decision on whether to purchase your product.

Branded grinder tops and flip-top sprinklers that are in line with labelling, bottle sizes that will easily fit into standard-sized spice racks, and a design that draws the eye will all help to make a positive first impression.

Functional design

Grinders need to be user-friendly, easy to turn and made to grind without getting stuck. Options such as adjustable push-pull grinders and others that make it easier to get a consistent grind will always make a better impression than those that are limited in functionality.

Likewise, bottle shapes that are easy to hold, with a subtle flare or tapered design that allows for easy storage as well as easy usage will also be a better choice compared with bottles that are awkward and hard to hold.

Sustainable packaging

In today’s world, sustainability is key. Consumers are more eco-conscious than ever, and bottles made from sustainable materials will always be considered a better alternative to cheap bottles made from non-recyclable materials.

PET bottles have become the preferred choice over outdated plastics, due to their sustainability as well as their improved food safety, thanks to the lack of harmful chemicals in the production process. These bottles are shatter-proof, with no risk of broken or damaged edges. Glass bottles, on the other hand, remain a popular choice, providing an endlessly reusable option.

Sensory perception

Something that may not be associated with packaging is sensory perception. One of the many reasons for using value-added products such as induction liners is to keep seasoning fresh. Besides the more obvious benefit of preventing waste, moisture and other contaminants, seals offer another benefit – sensory experience.

When consumers purchase herbs, spices or flavoured salts and seasoning, the first thing many do is open the bottle and smell the product. Sealing in the full flavour and aroma of spices helps to trigger an automatic sensory perception that can greatly affect brand perception. Using grinders that evenly and consistently grind spices in a way that releases the full flavour further enhances this perception. The result is a connection that influences brand loyalty.

At Global Grinders, we understand the importance of creating a positive brand experience. Our range is designed to cater to every need, whether you are seeking the right grinders, closures or bottles.

To find out more about how our range of premium wholesale spice grinders can improve your reputation in the competitive retail space, contact our team today.

4 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Wholesale Spice Grinder Supplier

Choosing the right wholesale spice grinder supplier is no small challenge. Rather than simply finding a supplier, one of the best ways to ensure that you get the best products at the best prices is to focus on finding a partner. A supplier that works with you to meet your specific needs, within your budget, is the best way to choose grinders, closures and bottles that align with your goals and brand. With a trusted partner who has extensive experience that is backed by a long-standing reputation, you can be sure that your customers get the best quality. This has a knock-on effect, ensuring that your customers are happy when purchasing your salt, pepper or seasoning.

Knowing what to look for when selecting a wholesale spice grinder supplier is important. But what about knowing when it’s time to replace your current supplier with a new supplier? In this guide, we’ll share the top signs it’s time to make a switch.

Top Signs You Need a New Wholesale Spice Grinder Partner

Some of the main signs that it’s time to find a new wholesale spice grinder supplier include the following:

You are noticing a difference in quality

Quality plays a vital role in the manufacturing of any product. For products within the food industry, such as grinder bottles and tops, products need to meet an extremely high standard of quality. If you originally started with products that were well-made, durable and high-quality, you may have assumed that this level of quality would remain the same. If you are starting to notice that some orders include products that are poorly made, it’s time to re-evaluate your supplier. Signs of quality lapses include flip top lids that break easily, bottles that do not feel strong, closures that don’t fit properly, spice grinder mechanisms that don’t easily grind or any other things that do not indicate a quality product. Letting quality slide can directly impact your sales, resulting in a loss of seasoning freshness and taste.

Your supplier has not been re-certified

Certification is another factor that needs to be considered. Having ISO certification is vital. That does not mean that certification is a once-off thing, however. To stay compliant, suppliers need to be re-certified at specific intervals to ensure that their certification stays updated. The certification process is complex, with many conditions that need to be met. Failing to comply with one or more of these conditions can result in suppliers losing their certification. This, in turn, can indicate that there are problems found at some level. This could be with the quality of the product, the manufacturing process, the food safety compliance or any other aspect of certification. Always be sure that your supplier is up to date on their certification.

You are finding it hard to communicate

A partner goes above and beyond producing products for the wholesale industry. Having a partner means being able to address concerns, speak to real people rather than automated chatbots, communicate any preferences or order notes that need to be addressed, and deal with any other support-related tasks. When you are not able to communicate your concerns or needs, due to a lack of support, a poor level of customer service or other barriers, it will be much harder to get the product you need, the order you need and the service you need.

Your supplier is not expanding their range

To keep up with consumer demand, it is essential that your supplier expands their range. If you produce spices for the retail industry, you may find that your customers are wanting smaller-sized grinders and glass bottles. You may find that there is a bigger demand for quality PET bottles with a smarter design than the average bottle. You may find that your needs are evolving, too. If you are launching a new range targeted at customers wanting larger bottles, you may need more variety. If you are in the corporate gifting industry, you may want a variety of options. Suppliers that do not expand their range will eventually be unable to help you expand your own range.

Making the move to a new supplier may seem stressful. When working with a trusted supplier with years of experience, the move is much easier. At Global Grinders, we have built a long-standing reputation, with a wide variety of fully certified products made to suit your needs and budget. To find out more about what we offer as a wholesale spice grinder partner, contact us today.

Loadshedding and Wholesale Spice Grinder Production

The impact of loadshedding spans across every industry in South Africa, and wholesale spice grinder production is just one industry working to find ways to navigate this impact. Smaller manufacturers have battled to continue production. Some have been forced to cease production. Others have had to make drastic changes in how grinders and bottles are manufactured. As the country adjusts to the fact that loadshedding will not be going away any time soon, spice producers are also facing numerous difficulties.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. By choosing trusted wholesale spice grinder partners and developing a strategy to ensure continued product quality, the effects of loadshedding can be greatly reduced. Keep reading to find out how grinder manufacturers and spice producers are affected by loadshedding, and how these challenges can be addressed.

How Loadshedding Affects Spice Grinder Manufacturers

First, it is important to understand how loadshedding affects both spice grinder manufacturers and spice producers. Daily power outages are the norm in the current state. During lower loadshedding stages, total power loss will typically be two to four hours, depending on the day’s schedule. When stages are higher, downtime each day can be as much as eight hours or more. Even for companies and manufacturers with backup power solutions, the impact of daily outages is severe. Running manufacturing and packing facilities with multiple outages results in numerous problems.

Supply chain challenges, product spoilage, storage, and price increases of everything from seasoning to packaging are just a few of the battles faced by salt, pepper and spice producers. For consumers, this has a knock-on effect, thanks to inflation, decreased product quality, food safety concerns, and even reputation damage if spice producers try to cut costs by choosing cheap, poor-quality grinders.

What is the solution for spice producers, with all of these challenges in mind?

The best way forward is to keep the focus on what has always been the main concern – quality. A mistake that many spice producers have made is to try and cut costs by replacing their current packaging manufacturer with partners that do not deliver certified grinders or grinders with any type of quality guarantee. Although this may save money initially, it transfers the cost to the consumer, resulting in PET and glass bottles, grinders and flip-top lids that may break easily or not function properly. These quality issues, in turn, affect spice producers. When grinder mechanisms do not work, for example, the risk of product recall increases. Risk to reputation, loss of future sales and product waste also become more likely.

Product freshness is a major concern during loadshedding, especially due to changes in supply chains, retailer closures and other related issues that prevent products from getting to the shelves quickly. Add-on services such as tamper-proof lining and induction liners help to keep products fresher for longer. This helps to reduce wastage and spoilage, even during delays with storage, packing and transportation.

A Guide to Spice Grinder Shapes and Sizes

Choosing the right spice grinder for your needs is essential for many reasons. The right grinder needs to be suitable for the product you are selling. It also needs to be suited to your primary distribution market. Grinders sold in the retail industry will differ from those used in hospitality, for example.

Likewise, grinders used as promotional products or corporate gifts will be very different to those used in restaurants or hotels. Even within each sector, there are many variables to consider.

A large-scale spice producer selling seasoning in supermarkets will have more limitations on size and shape due to the need for products to fit onto shelves. A smaller producer selling seasoning in boutique stores, farmers’ markets or similar outlets with less stringent space requirements will have more variety in bottle size and shape.

While standard bottles and grinders are the most obvious choice for every type of spice producer, the wide variety of alternative sizes and styles can help provide a competitive edge for producers looking for something that is better suited to specific needs and audiences. In this guide, we will take a look at the main shapes and styles, to help you choose spice grinders that are just right for your products.

Choosing Spice Grinder Shapes and Sizes

When it comes to spice grinders, size matters. Style and shape matter, too. From mini promotional grinders to larger bottles used for hospitality sectors, the variety of grinders and bottles offered at Global Grinders ensures that there is something for everyone. Sizes and styles to consider include the following:


Small or mini grinders are compact and made to fit onto small glass bottles or PET bottles. Our selection of mini grinders includes fully adjustable push-pull grinders as well as our snap-on, non-removable grinders that are designed to fit our shapely 80ml PET bottles. Mini grinders are a perfect choice for promotional products, corporate gifts, camping, picnics, airline meals, samples, and any other instance that requires a minimal amount of seasoning.


Medium or standard grinders are the most commonly found type of grinder, sold commercially and used in restaurants, hospitality, corporate gifting, and many other sectors. Bottles in this size include our original glass and flared glass bottles, along with our tapered, straight, snap-on, dumbbell, rectangular, indent, round PET bottles and taller styrene bottle. We have a selection of grinders and flip-top closures to fit each type and size of bottle, ranging from teaspoon sprinklers, 5-hole sprinklers, 7-hole sprinklers, 8-hole sprinklers, 19-hole sprinklers, and dual sprinklers. Flip-top sprinklers for medium bottles include a choice of shape, such as mushroom and straight-top. Grinders across our range are available for medium-sized bottles, including In-Line Adjustable, Elegant, EcoGourmet, EcoGourmet Dial Adjustable, EcoGrind, fixed lid, EcoSmart, EcoLine, Classic, Gourmet, EcoElegant, and Chef’s Choice.


Large grinders are typically used in the hospitality industry – especially in catering sectors that require larger volumes of seasoning. Restaurants, hotel kitchens, school cafeterias, coffee shops, and various other businesses use these bottles as an economical alternative to smaller or medium bottles. Large bottles are typically made from PET. The Global Grinders large PET bottle range includes 325ml and 375ml flared bottles as well as large-volume capacity 1l rectangular and 1l indent bottles. Grinders designed for large bottles include EcoGrand made for the 375ml PET bottle, EcoClassic made for the 325ml PET bottle, and Large Faceted and Super Elegant for our large 1l PET bottles. Flip-top sprinklers for large bottlers include the Dual Flip Top Eco 4-hole & Spoon and the Dual Flip Top Grand 9-hole & Spoon for the 375ml bottle, Food Service Sprinkler for our 325ml and 375ml bottles, and XL Dual Flip Top for 1l bottles.

To view our full catalogue and learn more about our premium-quality wholesale spice grinders, contact Global Grinders and let us help you choose the best grinders, lids and bottles for your needs.

Can Wholesale Spice Grinders Affect Product Recall?

Can your choice of wholesale spice grinders play a part in product recall? For spice producers of any size, a product recall can result in huge losses. These range from stock and financial losses to a damaged reputation. Whether you are a larger, household name brand that supplies seasoning across the country or a smaller producer selling within a smaller market, the damage can be irreparable in some cases. The product itself affects the risk of recall. If salt, pepper, spices or seasoning blends contain harmful additives, are made with poor-quality spices or are sourced through unethical or unsustainable practices, there will be a risk of recall if consumers are unhappy with the product.

However, packaging plays a notable role in the recall, too. The main ways that packaging affects the risk of recall include the ability to keep seasoning fresh, the reduced chance of product tampering, and the certification of wholesale spice grinders and bottles.

Wholesale Spice Grinders and Product Recall

Choosing a certified wholesale spice grinder partner is essential for many reasons, from quality to customisation and more. A trusted partner can provide peace of mind, too. Certified spice grinder manufacturers can minimise some of the risks of product recall through the following:

Tamper-proof & induction liners

Although spices do not spoil the way other food does, as they are dry condiments, contaminants can still pose a health risk. One cause of contamination is food-eating pests such as weevils entering bottles that are not properly sealed. Another can be mould or dampness that builds up when moisture is trapped inside bottles. Contact with humans at any point of the production or packing process can also pose a potential health risk – especially during epidemics such as the COVID crisis. Liners serve two purposes – preventing tampering during the production line process and sealing in freshness.

There are two types of liners. Pressure-sensitive liners have polystyrene foam on one side and an adhesive layer on the other side. This bonds the liner to the bottle. Once the grinder or flip-top closure lid is removed, the liner stays on the top of the container. These liners can be capped manually or added using a lining or wadding machine. Induction liners are made of board backing, foil and film that can be sealed by heat. An induction machine causes the liner to bond electromagnetically to the glass or PET bottle, creating a hermetic seal that can only be removed when it is peeled off the product by consumers after purchase.

Certification and quality standards

Many spice producers make the mistake of trying to cut costs during the manufacturing of seasoning. Sourcing cheaper bottles, grinders or closures from outside the country of origin to try and save costs will often result in a lack of quality. Poor quality bulk imported packaging can very seldom guarantee any level of quality. Without the proper certification, there is no clear guarantee that packaging is made according to rigid global standards. This is the reason that certification standards were developed in the first place, to protect consumers. In the event of product contamination, recall or other issues, having the added security of fully certified packaging can help to reduce some of the fall-outs. When consumers know that you are committed to providing not only the very best product but also the best packaging, there is more chance of maintaining trust and reputation.

At Global Grinders, we strive to provide the very best quality grinders. We are fully certified, with experience dating back well over a decade and a reputation for excellence. To find out more about working with us as a wholesale spice grinder partner, contact our team today.

Wholesale Spice Grinder Certification and Greenwashing

Greenwashing is a widespread concern that affects every industry, including the production of wholesale spice grinders. This term refers to marketing and advertising that deliberately uses misleading terms that lure consumers into believing that their products are truly sustainable. Greenwashing is especially common in the packaging sector, including food packaging such as spice grinders. Labels, logos and other terms are used to create the illusion of minimal environmental impact. When companies resort to greenwashing, it is often due to practices that do not support the company’s claims to adhere to sustainable practices. It could be something as simple as using wording such as sustainable on labelling. Logos or other imagery that references environmentally-friendly materials, sustainably-sourced materials, trees, leaves or even colours such as green can all also give consumers the illusion that the products they are purchasing are eco-friendly.

How Sustainable Are Your Wholesale Spice Grinders?

As a food supplier, restaurant, retailer, small-scale producer or other company sourcing wholesale spice grinders, sustainability is a valid concern. Wholesale customers know that the packaging they use affects consumers. Selling salt, pepper and pepper that has been made using natural ingredients also means using packaging that is made from safe materials that leave minimal impact on the planet. Greenwashing makes it harder for companies sourcing grinders to make informed decisions. When suppliers use green terms that are not backed by solid evidence, it is difficult to know for sure whether or not grinders are adhering to any regulations or efforts to deliver genuinely sustainable packaging.

How can you know whether your grinders are genuinely sustainable?

The simplest and most effective way is to look for trust signals. The biggest trust signal that guarantees quality is ISO certification. To achieve certification, packaging suppliers need to go through stringent quality testing and processes. In most cases, certification needs to be renewed, with audits and other processes involved to meet the high standards set forth by regulators. Other things to look for include materials used in the production of grinders, bottles and closures. PET plastic has become the best choice for plastic grinders, however, rPET provides an even better solution to virgin PET. This plastic has been used, recycled and used in production to create new PET bottles. Watch our video to find out more about rPET. This lowers the carbon footprint significantly. The term BPA-free plastic is commonly used in packaging. PET bottles are free of all harmful chemicals, including BPA, while other plastics may be free of BPA but still not easily recyclable plastic.

Other greenwashing terms refer to the freshness of products – especially dry goods such as seasoning. Wording that implies long-lasting flavour or freshness can give consumers the idea that spices will be fresh, even when left on the shelf. Grinder manufacturers that provide value-added services such as induction liners can ensure that spices are kept fresh. This further helps to reduce environmental impact by reducing waste. Without measures designed to prevent spoilage, claims of product freshness are not always valid.

Ultimately, choosing suppliers that are committed to providing the best level of quality and sustainability comes down to looking past buzzwords. When choosing your partner, always be sure to check trust signals, materials and other features that prove genuine efforts to leave a minimal impact on the planet.

At Global Grinders, we strive to provide our partners with world-class grinders to suit every requirement and budget. Contact us today to find out more about our wholesale spice grinders.

How Spice Grinders Promote Consumer Health

While there is no doubt that spice grinders have made it easier for consumers to enhance the flavour of food, they play another important role. Healthy living has become a major concern around the world. As health and nutrition products continue to expand across global markets, more people than ever are turning to smoothies, supplements, superfoods, plant-based eating, raw diets, and other lifestyles that promote health. Spice takes centre stage in the growth of the health industry. From cumin to coriander seeds, dried chilli, paprika flakes, cardamom seeds, rosemary, dried garlic, fenugreek and black pepper, whole spices can be used in a variety of dishes, as well as smoothies and fresh juices. Freshly ground spices or seasoning ensures that spices are fresh. Spice grinders make it easier to get the benefit of freshly ground spices, with minimal time and effort.

The Role of Spice Grinders in Healthy Eating

As a quick way to add flavoursome, nutrient-dense spices into meals and drinks, spice grinders instantly grind whole spices. Using quality grinders that provide an even grind adds more benefit, without affecting the taste of dishes by over-seasoning. For health food suppliers aiming to expand their range into whole spices, quality grinders are essential.

Grinder tops

Grinders that have mechanisms that easily break down spices without getting clogged or having other issues will result in poor-quality seasoning. Adjustable grinders are a good choice for salt, pepper, seeds, and other tougher spices, with a fine and coarse grind option. Quality twist grinders that deliver an even grind are ideal for restaurants and home use. The Chef’s Choice grinder from Global Grinders is a superior option that has 3 settings for optimal grinding results. Choosing grinders suited to your product will make sure that consumers get the full benefit of your product.


Choosing cheap plastic bottles can result in many problems. If plastic is made from toxic materials, the final product becomes a health risk. Many cheap plastic bottles may contain BPAs. Bottles made from sustainable materials such as PET ensure that there are no harmful chemicals involved in bottle production. These bottles are also recyclable – a major advantage for health-conscious consumers. Glass bottles are equally sustainable, durable and reusable. 

Induction liners

Forming part of your grinder, along with your choice of bottle, induction liners are essential to keep spice fresh. For whole spices, freshness ensures that spices do not go stale or lose their potency. Induction liners keep the freshness inside the bottle. They also prevent moisture from entering the bottle – something that can have a big effect on freshness. At Global Grinders, we offer induction liners and tamper-proof liners as part of our value-added services.

Whether you are a small-scale producer, creating a customer seasoning range for a health cafe or adding to your range of products, choosing the right grinders and bottles is vital. To find out more about how we aim to deliver the highest-quality ISO-certified products, contact Global Grinders now.

Wholesale Spice Grinders and Food Safety

One of the biggest priorities when purchasing wholesale spice grinders should always be consumer safety. ISO certification goes far beyond the quality of products. Standards are also defined by factors such as food safety. Cheap grinders often come with serious concerns, especially where plastic bottles, grinders and closures are concerned. Without certification, there is no guarantee that rigid safety testing has been done. This is a major concern for several reasons, ranging from harmful materials to mould and other issues. When purchasing wholesale spice grinders in large volumes, the impact becomes even more serious.

The Link Between Spice Grinders and Food Safety

ISO certification involves rigid testing and standards that are put in place in order for companies to assure end-users complete peace of mind. Cheap packaging that is not able to provide any type of certification will seldom meet international guidelines. This becomes a major health concern when it comes to products used to package food and other consumables. Spice grinders that are sold at discounted rates can pose serious health risks – especially when made from materials containing BPA and other harmful compounds.

BPA (Bisphenol-A) is an industrial chemical that has been used in plastics and resins since the 1950s. It is commonly found in polycarbonate plastics used in containers that store food and beverage. This includes water bottles and spice bottles made of cheap plastic. BPA can seep into food through poor quality plastic, leading to a variety of health concerns. These bottles are also typically single use plastics. BPA-free plastic has become the safest option for packaging, offering health benefits and improving sustainability as it is easily recyclable.

The safest, most sustainable option for spice bottles is PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic. This plastic is regarded as safe plastic – especially for food packaging. It is hygienic, bacteria-resistant, and free of harmful chemicals. It is also known for its strength, thermo-stability and transparency. No BPA is used in the production of PET spice bottles, adding even more assurance of safety.

Besides the choice of spice bottles used, another factor to consider is additional safety measures. Tamper-proof and induction liners ensure that seasoning is preserved throughout the supply chain. These linings also eliminate the risk of exposure to air or moisture, both of which can result in mould or other problems.

Choosing a supplier that is committed to consumer safety at all times is an investment in your business. Although it may seem simpler to go with the cheapest supplier, the effect that this could have on your business is drastic. Besides reputation damage that could arise from consumers getting sick, you also face potential legal action. Putting your consumers’ health in jeopardy is never worth any perceived savings.

At Global Grinders, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality across our entire range. Contact us today to find out more about our globally accredited wholesale spice grinders.

3 Reasons to Choose our EasyGrind Spice Grinders

The EasyGrind spice grinder from Global Grinders delivers a smooth, consistent grind, every time. This grinder has a plastic rotor and stator grinding mechanism that has the same shape as a ceramic model. Salt, pepper and other spice mixes can be easily ground without the need to fit different grinders for different spice types. Made from quality materials, the grinder is an ideal choice for consumers seeking an easy-to-use grinder that produces perfectly even grinds every time. This spice grinder is also an excellent option for catering and hospital sectors, offering benefits to customers and saving businesses the cost and effort of purchasing multiple grinder types.

Benefits of our EasyGrind Spice Grinders

Why should you invest in EasyGrinder spice grinders from Global Grinders? For starters, here are just a few key benefits to consider.

1/ Consistent

In regular grinders, some spice blends may not be ground evenly. Salt and pepper grinders are not always the same as grinders made for softer seasoning. This means that different grinders are often needed to ensure a consistent grind. The EasyGrind grinder removes this challenge. Salt, pepper, mixed spices and any other type of seasoning can all be ground from a single grinder, the way it would in a ceramic grinder. Customers will get the benefit of consistent grind, too, with evenly ground seasoning and reduced risk of hard particles getting jammed in grinders or left in food. The mechanism is easy to use, working in the same way as bladed gears, and crushing rather than cutting particles, similar to ceramic mechanisms.

2/ Sustainable

For spice manufacturers, this can lead to a significant reduction in costs. Rather than having to purchase multiple grinder tops to suit your product range, a single grinder top can be purchased. Unlike ceramic grinder mechanisms, the EasyGrind grinder is sustainable and made from BPA-free materials. From a cost point of view, these grinders are also cheaper than ceramic grinders. The plastic rotor is made according to rigid quality standards, in accordance with Global Grinders’ ISO certification. This mechanism can be fitted to the grinder and bottle of your choice. Our PET bottles provide further sustainability and cost-savings.

3/ Recyclable

Another advantage of this mechanism is that it is recyclable along with the entire grinder and bottle. There is no need to remove the grinding mechanism from the grinder. Ceramic grinders, on the other hand, need to be taken apart to remove the pin holding the rotor in place and force the stator from the outer casing in order to separate the grinder for recycling. The EasyGrind makes it easy to recycle without any need for taking everything apart. This means that it is easy to recycle and even easier to reuse.

Contact Global Grinders to find out more about our innovative EasyGrind spice grinder and find out why this grinder is the best choice for your needs.

Which Spice Grinder Bottle is Best for Your Brand?

The spice grinder bottle you choose is important for many reasons. Just as you have a wide variety of grinder tops and flip-top closures to choose from, you also have a selection of bottles to consider. Along with branding, the bottles you choose offer a way to instantly display your product. The right bottle can make shoppers stop and take a closer look at your product on the shelves. A cheap bottle, on the other hand, will always give customers the impression that the spices inside the bottle are of poor quality. As bottles display your seasoning, taking the time to consider your spice grinder bottles is essential. The key factors to take into account into the bottle shape, material and size.

Choosing the Right Spice Grinder Bottle

To make sure that your spice grinder bottles suit your brand and requirements, here’s what you will need to consider.


The shape of your bottle is one of the things that consumers will notice instantly, before the grinder top or even the label and your branding. In retail environments, shoppers are used to seeing standard vertical bottles on the shelves. This design is the most commonly used shape due to the fact that it fits easily onto shelves alongside other bottles. With that said, you don’t have to be limited by bottle shape. Modern designs such as our flare bottles help your product stand out. For smaller retail stores or displays, these bottles will catch the eye of customers. Flare bottles are also a good choice for restaurants and other catering environments, as well as hospitality environments. At Global Grinders, we offer a variety of bottle shapes to suit your needs.


Most quality grinder bottles are made of PET or glass. PET (polyethene terephthalate) is a type of plastic known for its toughness and sustainability. These bottles are sterile, safe to use, unlikely to leak and cost-efficient. Glass bottles are a classic, durable choice. Glass is sustainable, with a high-quality appearance that gives a premium feel to your brand. It is also non-porous and impermeable, meaning no interactions between glass packaging and seasoning that could affect the flavour of your product. Both bottle types could be a good choice for your brand, depending on your budget and requirements.


Finally, another thing you will need to think about is the size of the bottle. Standard sizes will fit easily onto shelves, making them ideal for retail markets. Smaller bottles can be used not only for retail selling but also for corporate gifting or promotion, hospitality, artisan markets, small-scale retail, and other environments. Larger sizes are ideal for catering industries as well as retail selling for customers seeking larger volumes of salt, pepper or seasoning. At Global Grinders, we offer a variety of sizes, from small to large.

Ultimately, the type of bottle you choose will depend on your brand’s specific needs. If you are a high-end spice producer selling direct to consumers, you may want to look at glass bottles that have a polished, premium look. If your brand provides affordable seasoning or has a target audience of restaurants and catering businesses, you may find that large-sized PET bottles are a good fit.

Whatever your needs and budget, Global Grinders has the ideal bottle type for your brand. Contact us today to find out more about choosing the best spice grinder bottle.