Starting a Spice Business? Choose Your Spice Grinders Carefully.

If you are thinking about starting a spice business, spice grinders are one ingredient you cannot afford to overlook. Many business owners are so focused on the spices and herbs that they don’t stop to think about how their product will be packaged and sold. Grinders come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and materials. From full grinder sets that include grinders and bottles, to individual bottles in glass and PET plastic, in various sizes, and flip top closures and grinder tops, there is a huge range of choice available at spice grinder wholesalers such as Global Grinders.

Starting a Spice Business - Choose Your Spice Grinders Carefully

While you are getting your business plans underway, it is important to do some research to determine which spice grinders you plan to use.

Why Choose Spice Grinders Carefully in the Spice Business?

Why is it so important to put thought and effort into the spice grinders that you choose? Some things to consider include the following:

  • Cheap, poor quality grinders cannot guarantee freshness. One of the worst things to happen to any spice business is complaints that your herbs and spices are not fresh. Due to the nature of retail sales, product often sits on the shelf for any time between a few days and a few weeks, or even longer. Poor quality grinders will almost always lead to poor quality spices that do not last. Cheap grinders may not have the same technology that quality grinders have, either. Which brings us to our next point…
  • Tamper proof liners are essential. The only way to guarantee that your spices stay fresh after being bottled is to use tamper proof liners that seal in the freshness. These liners should be sealed onto your bottles after spices and herbs have been added. Once opened, the spices need to be used within a few months. While ground spices can last up to a year if they are kept in air-tight containers, they lose their taste and potency once they are exposed to air. Without tamper proof lining, you may find that your spices lose their flavour quickly. As a result, you may not get repeat business if customers are not satisfied.
  • Poor quality grinder tops and closures are also less than ideal. Cheap plastic lids that are easily broken will quickly lead to your spice business developing a bad reputation. Quality grinders and tops however will help you grow your reputation in all the right ways. It is a good idea to do some research to see which grinders and flip top closures are best for the type of spice you plan to sell. Finely ground spices do not require a grinder top, but they will need a fine grind suitable lid. Coarser ground spices on the other hand, along with coarse flavoured salts, will require a grinder.

Here at Global Grinders, we offer a wide range of whole grinders, at competitive prices. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help. We offer a selection of bottles in glass and PET plastic, along with various grinder tops and flip top lids to suit your needs. We also offer tamper proof linings as a value added service, making it even easier to get started with everything you need for your spice business.

Browse our Ready to Grind range, or contact us today for price lists on our spice grinders and bottles.

Choosing Spice Grinders for the Retail Industry

Whether you are planning on starting a side business or you already have a large retail presence, finding the right spice grinders makes all the difference when it comes to the retail industry. Herbs and spices have a high market demand that is backed by a high turnover. Seasonings are used in every country around the world, by people of all races, ages and nationalities. In South Africa, spices are as diverse as the many cultures found throughout the country. Every single braai, dinner and meal enjoys a selection of spices. For those in the retail industry, this ensures plenty of opportunity for consistent sales. A huge part of succeeding in the spice business however is how your spices are packaged.

Choosing Spice Grinders for the Retail Industry

From basic seasoning such as salt and pepper, all the way to speciality spices and herbs, retail outlets of all sizes will benefit from choosing the right types of spice grinders. In this guide, we take a look at the essential features to consider when purchasing large numbers of grinders, bottles and grinder sets.

Purchasing Wholesale Spice Grinders for the Retail Sector

Some of the things to look for when purchasing spice grinders in bulk include the following:

  • Bottles. Grinder bottles are available in glass as well as PET plastic. Sizes are also varied. The standard size of grinder bottle is 100ml, which typically holds around 124g of herbs or spices. The base diameter is 45mm, while the height of the bottle is 125mm. Glass is often considered higher end as a product, while plastic is excellent for budget retail outlets. In today’s eco conscious world, many consumers are concerned about plastics. PET plastic offers an eco-friendly option that is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate. Up to 100% of these bottles can be recycled, making them excellent for concerned consumers. Glass bottles are also fully recyclable and reusable meanwhile.
  • Grinders and Closures. You will also need to consider the grinder tops as well. Generally speaking, the type of grinder you use depends on the type of spice you are selling. Many shop owners purchase spices and herbs in bulk, which are then decanted and sold in smaller quantities. Herbs and spices are often sold with flip top closures fitted with sprinkler holes. Finer herbs and spices are sold with multi-hole closures, with coarser products sold with teaspoon or open sprinklers. Salt, pepper and other whole spices are sold with grinders.
  • Linings. If you are selling herbs or spices, it is vital that they stay fresh on the shelf. Tamper proof linings do not only protect your product – they also ensure that customers are not able to open the spices that are being sold in store. These are often a requirement for ISO regulated retail outlets. Even if you have a home based business, stale herbs, spices or seasoning can quickly lead to customer complaints and refunds.

Global Grinders offers a wide range of bottles in glass and PET plastic, along with a selection of grinders and flip top closures. We also offer tamper proof linings as a value added service. For more information on placing an order at Global Grinders, simply contact us today with your requirements.

Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Spice Grinders in Bulk

If you are buying spice grinders in bulk for the first time, you may be wondering what to look for when choosing a supplier. A large number of industries use spice. Retailers, food and seasoning manufacturers, catering businesses, restaurants, hospitality industries such as hotels and guest houses and even promotional companies will all require grinders at some point.

Because grinders are often purchased in bulk, a mistake can cause the entire order to be wasted. This never ideal for any business’ bottom line, of course. The good news is that once you have found a supplier that meets your budget and requirements, it will be far easier to place orders in the future.

What to Avoid When Purchasing Spice Grinders in Bulk

With that in mind, how do you know how to go about ordering large volumes of spice grinders? For starters, you can consider these tips on what NOT to do when ordering bulk grinders…

  • Buying the cheapest grinders possible. It is always important to keep within your budget. But when it comes at a risk of sacrificing quality, price should not be your only consideration. Very cheap grinders may not include tamper-proof liners, which in turn may result in spices losing their freshness before their expiry date. Poor quality plastic grinders may also not be made from PET, meaning that they may not be free of toxic chemicals. Bulk orders help to save expenses – if you choose a grinder supplier that offers quality and good prices, you will have full peace of mind knowing that you are getting a decent product.
  • Not considering your target customer. If you are a spice manufacturer, it’s a good idea to do your market research before placing an order. Will your ideal customer be more likely to purchase a PET grinder, or a glass bottle grinder? Will you need larger or smaller sized bottles, or will standard bottles be suitable? What sort of grinder tops would your ideal customer use? Knowing this information in advance will make it easier to know exactly which grinder bottles and tops to invest in, without wasting money on the incorrect grinders.
  • Not considering your product. Likewise, you will need to think carefully about the type of seasoning you are selling as well. Flip top lids for herbs and spices come in a variety of sizes, including teaspoon, 19 hole and 7 hole. Other styles include dual flip top lids and non-removable sprinklers with built-in tamper-proof linings. If you are selling finely ground herbs or spices, you will need a closure with 19 holes, or a dual top closure. Coarsely ground herbs and spices however require a tea spoon or 7 hole lid.

Here at Global Grinders, we work hard to ensure that our customers always get full peace of mind when placing their orders. We provide a wide range of bottles, grinders and ready to grind sets that include both grinders and bottles. We also stock a range of flip top closers. If you require tamper-proof liners to keep your spices fresh on the shelves, we can assist with those as well. To learn more about our range, or to place an order, simply contact us today.

Choosing Spice Grinders for the Catering Industry

The catering industry has unique requirements where spice grinders are concerned. In a busy kitchen environment, food is prepared on a frequent basis – often in large amounts. A personal chef for example may need to have a large amount of spice on hand to prepare lunches and dinners. A catering company that specialises in functions, such as weddings, birthdays or other celebrations, not only needs to have large volumes of seasoning, but may also require a large number of smaller bottles of salt and pepper for tables.

Choosing Spice Grinders for the Catering Industry

What can caterers look for when considering wholesale spice grinders for their business needs? Let’s take a look.

Purchasing Wholesale Spice Grinders for the Catering Sector

Some of the features to consider when ordering spice grinders in bulk for your catering requirements include the following:

  • Size. Whatever the size of your business, larger sized grinders will likely the most cost-effective option. When you are cooking for large groups on a regular basis, you will find that you go through seasoning and spices at a far quicker rate than a regular consumer would do. The best sizes for this type of industry are the 325ml and 375ml catering bottles. These are available in high quality PET, which is ideal for the often busy environment of the kitchen. Glass bottles are harder to find in larger sizes, but these may not always be practical in the catering environment. Larger sized bottles will ensure that your spices, salt and pepper go a long way. They can also be ordered in bulk to ensure that you always have sufficient stock on hand. For businesses that specialise in functions, smaller bottles may also be needed in bulk to cater for individual dining tables.
  • Grinder. Larger sized bottles typically require a larger grinder that fits onto the bottle. The 63mm grinder is adapted to fit catering size bottles. Grinders are made from high grade plastic, resulting in a sturdy grinder that will last. This means that you can purchase a smaller number of grinders, while bulk ordering bottles. This grinder provides a basic turn and grind style that is practical and suitable to use for coarser pepper and spices. Coriander seeds can be ground with this grinder, while sugar, course salt, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and many other spices can also be ground in a good quality grinder.
  • Closure. For finer grinds, flip top closures are used. These are available in a number of different sizes. The teaspoon size is made for pouring spices, the 7 hole lids are designed for sprinkling larger particles and the 19 hole flip top is made for finer sprinklers. Snap on/non-removable sprinklers are also provided, which are fitted with built-in tamper evident band on the lid to seal in the freshness. Flip top closures are designed to snap securely closed when not in use, which helps keep spices and herbs fresher for longer.

As a trusted supplier of wholesale spice grinders, Global Grinders has worked with a number of industries. To learn more about our range, you can view our ready to grind selection or contact us with order information.

Choosing Spice Grinders for the Hospitality Industry

There are many factors to take into account when choosing spice grinders for any business, but when it comes to the hospitality industry, even more things need to be considered. Hospitality sector businesses range in size and nature. From tiny coffee shops all the way to franchise restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts and even bed and breakfast establishments, each business within this sector has different requirements for catering supplies. Spices – and particularly salt grinders and pepper mills – are an integral item for almost all businesses within this sector.

Whether you are a guest house owner looking for affordable spice grinders in smaller batches, or a large restaurant franchise looking to update the look of your grinders, knowing what to consider when searching for the right supplier is key.

Purchasing Wholesale Spice Grinders for the Hospitality Sector

Wholesale spice grinders come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Depending on your business’ specific needs and preferences, you may find that you need a large number of smaller glass bottles, a smaller number of large sized plastic bottles, or something that combines a variety of sizes and styles. Some tips to keep in mind when purchasing grinders for your hospitality business include the following:

  • Consider your average guest number to determine bottle size. To ensure that spices stay fresh, it is best that they do not sit unused for months on end. If your business has a high guest turn-over, with salt, pepper and other spices used frequently, then larger sized bottles would work well. If your business includes dining as a side service rather than a primary service, then smaller bottles may be more suitable. For example, a guest house may not use as much spice as a busy restaurant. Likewise, a coffee shop will not use the same amount of spice as a large resort. As spices are sealed, keeping smaller bottles in storage will preserve spices a lot better than keeping larger, opened bottles would.
  • Consider your ideal market to determine bottle style. Obviously, cost needs to play a big role in choosing what style of grinder you will use. But it is also a good idea to consider your target guest. Budget plastic grinders would not be out of place in a low-key diner. They may on the other hand not be as suitable for a 5-star cocktail lounge. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing grinders from a trusted supplier such as Global Grinders is that you have the benefit of a varied product range that includes economy grinders as well as deluxe grinders such as the Elegant range. Ordering in bulk helps you to save on costs, without sacrificing quality.
  • Consider how the grinders will be used. Grinders don’t only have to be limited to salt and pepper. If you include a house blend of spices, or specially prepared seasoned salt, you will need to expand your order accordingly. It’s also worth considering glass bottles if you plan to buy spices in bulk. That way, you can refill bottles without the risk of contamination. Plastic bottles pick up odours and residue, making them better for once-off usage. Glass on the other hand can be washed, sterilised and reused again and again.

Looking for a high quality range of grinders that is ideal for almost every industry? Visit Global Grinders to view our Ready to Grind spice grinders, or contact us today for further information.

Choosing the Best Closures for Bulk Spice Grinders

While many bulk spice grinders are purchased with grinder tops, other closures include handy flip-top closures. These are generally best suited to herbs and pre-ground spices that do not require grinding. They are typically made from high-grade material and available in a range of styles. From teaspoon closures that allow for easy pouring of herbs and spices, to fine sprinkling lids, coarser sprinkling lids and even dual tops, Global Grinders offers an excellent selection of flip tops that cater to the diversity of our clients’ needs.

On the blog today, we’re taking a closer look at the different types of flip top lids available, to see which is best for your requirements.

How to Select Spice Grinder Flip Top Closures

Unlike spice grinders, which are used to grind coarse particles of salt, pepper or whole spice into a finer powder, flip top closures have a double purpose – they keep your spices fresh and allow customers to sprinkle or pour already ground spices simply. There are four types of closures available, each with its own unique properties. The different types are as follows:

  • Teaspoon. This flip top is wide and open, allowing spices and herbs to be poured easily onto a teaspoon or directly over food without any sprinkler holes required. The lid screws onto standard size bottles with a thread that fits securely onto the bottle. The flip-top lid seals the spices, resulting in an optimal level of freshness after opening. This type of lid is commonly used for cooking spices and herbs, such as oregano, rosemary and mixed herbs.
  • 7 Hole Sprinkler.  Designed for larger particles, this flip-top has seven holes designed in a circular shape. The layout allows for consistent sprinkling of coarser herbs and spices. As with all flip top closures, the lid fits on securely with the help of a thread, with the flip-top lid sealing in the freshness. This type of lid works best for coarser herbs and spices, such as dried basil, chilli, garlic flakes, sage and parsley.
  • 19 Hole Sprinkler. Made for fine sprinkling, this type of lid has 19 holes positioned across its closure to disperse finely ground spices easily. Just like all flip tops, its design helps to keep contents fresh by sealing in the goodness. This type of lid is versatile, working well with pre-ground pepper, fine salt, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, turmeric, coriander, mixed spice and just about any finely ground herb or spice.
  • Dual Flip Top. This closure is ideal for fine to medium-sized particles. It works especially with seasoning, allowing a greater level of control over how much herb or spice is released. The design includes an open teaspoon hole and a finer sprinkler hole, with flip tops positioned over both holes to retain maximum freshness. Spices and herbs that work well with this type of closure include dried herbs, garlic salt, chilli flakes and any other seasoning that can be sprinkled or poured.

The simplest way to determine which flip-top lids are best for your specific needs is to consider the type of spice or herb you plan to use for your grinders. As a general rule of thumb, finer grinds do better with smaller sprinkler lids, while coarser grinds work better with larger sprinkler lids.

To learn more about the Global Grinders range of spice grinders and flip top lids, or to make a bulk order, simply contact us today for a full price list.

Why choose Global Grinders?

It has come to our attention lately that cheap imitations of our grinders have recently appeared in the market.

Some of them look so much like ours, that it is difficult to tell the difference. Others look like cheap imitations.

The best way to compare them, is to test them for yourselves:

We suggest you try and grind three full containers bottles/jars of your products with one of these grinders. If you use rock salt in your range, this would be the best test.

  • Does the grinder past this test, without seizing up?
  • Does the grinder have the clarity of Global’s grinders?
  • Does the grinder feel firm or wobbly on the bottle?
  • Is the grind consistent?
  • Does the grinder itself have adjustability for a coarse or fine grind?
  • If it does and this works by pulling the grinder up for a coarser grind and pushing it down for a finer grind, it is no doubt infringing our patent.

Other points to consider are:

  • Will the supplier send you samples, free of charge, to test on your production line?
  • Will the supplier adjust the delivery of the product flow, and coarseness of the product ground, to suit your needs?
  • Is the packaging (boxes, pallets, etc), provided free of charge.
  • Will the supplier replace any stock, free of charge, should you be unhappy with it at all, for a legitimate reason.
  • Will the supplier hold reserve stock, even for a custom made product, if requested?
  • Will the supplier split your order over a colour range to your specifications and add your logo for free?
  • Will you get the overall after sales experience?
  • Will the supplier guarantee that the grinder he supplied you is totally BPA free, if required?
  • What will the cost of the mould be, if you are making your own design?
  • Does the supplier have product liability insurance?
  • Does the supplier have recall insurance?
  • Will the supplier provide you with extended credit terms?

Choosing the Right Spice Grinders for Your Business

Whether you are starting your own spice business in the new year, or you are aiming to add spices to your existing product range, finding the right spice grinders is essential. For consumers faced with a myriad choices on the market today, standing out from the competition can be challenging.

Choosing the right grinder for your business

Larger scale and smaller businesses both need to ensure that their products are packaged safely, efficiently and attractively. You might have a stellar marketing plan and an eye-catching label, but if your spices are stale or stored in a way that puts consumers at risk, your business will not thrive. Grinder sets are designed with functionality in mind. They need to not only provide a vessel for your spices, but also maintain your product on the shelf.

What to Consider When Ordering Spice Grinders in Bulk

What should you look for when purchasing spice grinders in large volumes? The following factors should all be considered before placing your order:

#1 Bottle Material.

Spice bottles are typically available in a choice of glass or plastic. If you choose plastic, it is best to look for a supplier that offers PET plastic. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is safe plastic that is used in the food and beverage industry. This material is easily recycled, making it a good choice for eco-conscious manufacturers. It is also strong, durable and non-toxic. Glass bottles have a higher price range, but a higher retail value for finished products. These bottles are recyclable and reusable, while also being safe and sterile to use for spices. Depending on your requirements and budget, you may find that PET bottles, glass bottles or a combination of both may be used.

#2 Bottle Size.

Another thing to consider is the size of the bottle. The standard size for spice bottles is 100ml. This size will suit a large number of commercial uses, from retail to hospitality. Smaller sized bottles are also available, such as the 80ml bottle. This can be an excellent choice for sample sets, gift sets or hospitality industries that require smaller volumes. Larger sized bottles range from 200ml to 325ml and 375ml. These are ideal for the catering and hospitality industries. If you have a small spice business, you may find that standard sized bottles are the most versatile choice. Restaurants, hotels and other enterprises may find that a combination of bottle sizes is more effective.

#3 Grinder Styles.Grinder tops come in a variety of styles. Standard

Grinder tops come in a variety of styles. Standard grinders are made from high-grade materials that enable smooth grinding when the top is turned clockwise or anti-clockwise. Adjustable grinders allow consumers to alternate between coarse and finely ground spices by pushing down or pulling up the grinder top. Fixed lid and screw tops are also available.

#4 Flip Top Closures.

In addition to grinder tops, you can also select flip top closures that work with pre-ground spice and herbs. For those in the spice business, these are a good way to extend a product range or add to an existing range. Closures range from fine sprinkler closures to tea spoon closures, wider sprinklers and dual closures.

#5 Liners. Tamper proof liners are essential for any spice packaging and sales. These ensure that your spice stays fresh on the shelf. They also provide consumers with peace of mind in knowing that the product has not been opened after spices have been packed. At Global Grinders, some grinder sets and closures have built-in liners, while other liners can be purchased separately.

As a specialist in the spice bottle and grinder industry, Global Grinders has been supplying companies of all sizes with functional, attractive bottles, grinders and sets. We also offer value-added services, such as our tamper free liners. To learn more about our current range, visit us online or view our spice grinder product catalogue.

Choosing the Right Tamper Proof Lining for Spice Grinders

Tamper proof linings are essential for wholesale spice grinders, ensuring that your spices are able to stay as fresh as possible on the shelf after they have been packaged. The type and style of liner to use will often come down to your specific requirements as well as the content of the bottles. For spice grinder sets, other factors to consider include the material of the bottle. Plastic bottles and glass bottles have different properties that can impact the effectiveness of the lining. Liners are used for many purposes – to keep foods such as spices dry and fresh, to prevent leaks and to ensure consumer safety.

It’s always a good idea to consider liners in the costing of your final product. You may find that a pressure sensitive foam liner is a most efficient, cost-effective option, or you may find that induction seals are a better choice. In this handy guide, we compare the two main types of tamper lining to see the best option for spice grinders.

How to Seal Bulk Spice Grinders

The two types of tamper lining available as a value added service at Global Grinders includes the following:

#1 Pressure Sensitive Foam Liner

This type of liner works well for dry products, making it ideal for spices. The liner has an adhesive side that sticks to the grinder bottle, using pressure to secure the closer to the bottle. Once the closer is removed, the liner stays on the top of the container. This liner can be applied manually and works on both glass and plastic spice bottles. It is a cost-effective option for products that need to be sealed, as no additional equipment is needed to seal the bottle. This option does not work for liquid products however. Application areas need to be completely free of moisture, or otherwise the liner will not be able to adhere to the bottle. This liner has a shelf life of about six months – this is important to note when determining your packaging life cycle.

The primary benefits of pressure sensitive liners (also known as PS liners) include a very strong seal that keeps freshness in without the risk of air entering the bottle, along with the fact that once the liner is removed, it cannot be reapplied again.

#2 Induction Liners

Induction liners are comprised of multiple layers of pulpboard, wax and foil, with a polymer coating. A special induction machine is required to apply these liners. The machine melts the wax and polymer, creating a hermetic seal once it solidifies. There are two types of induction liner. One piece liners are made of a foam or paper packed laminate. After sealing, the entire liner is removed from the cap when the spice bottle is opened. Two piece liners have an added wax and pulpboard layer. During heating, the wax melts and absorbed into the pulp to release it from the foil liner. The pulpboard remains inside the cap. Liners include single or multiple pull tabs, or a lift and peel tab. During sealing, a foil laminate inner seal is bonded to the lip of the bottle. Once the bottle is filled with spices and capped with this type of liner, it is passed through the sealing system.

This option is suitable for liquid and dry ingredients. The main benefits to this liner is that the liner cannot be reapplied to the container once it is removed, as well as the fact that an airtight seal is created. It is often best used on plastic spice bottles, as the heating process is better suited to plastic. Glass heats, making it potentially dangerous during the sealing process unless handled carefully.

Both of these tamper proof linings offer value to wholesale customers. To find out more about our full range of spice grinders and value-added services, contact Global Grinders today.

Corporate Gift Ideas – Branded Spice Grinders

Branded spice grinders can be a perfect choice for corporate gifts. Better still, this gift idea is relatively simple to prepare. Global Grinders offers a wide range of grinders to suit every requirement, from larger sized bottles in glass, plastic and PET to tops and closures. We also provide ready to grind sets that have everything you need to get started. Once you have selected your grinders, you can prepare labels yourself or have some professionally made. You can then fill your customised grinders with delicious, fresh spices.

Corporate Gift Ideas Branded Spice Grinders

Branded Spice Grinder Tips for Corporate Gifts

As the year draws to a close, many companies are looking at simple, effective corporate gift ideas to present to customers. Simple gifts such as food and drink related items have a universal appeal. Some tips on how to use spice grinders for your corporate gifting include the following:

  • Choose the best quality grinders your budget allows. Glass grinder bottles will look better, last longer and be less likely to be tossed out. You can even make the bottles reusable by adding a note on how to remove labels by soaking them in hot water, baking soda and vinegar. Poor quality plastic bottles may end up sending your clients the wrong message; making your brand look cheap in the process. You can find good quality grinder bottle sets at Global Grinders in a variety of sizes.
  • If you do choose plastic, make it PET. PET bottles are easier to recycle, making them the best choice for plastic bottles. They are also sturdier and available in a range of sizes and styles. The PET manufacturing process is more sustainable than regular plastic, which in turn helps to minimise the carbon footprint of each bottle produced. Be sure to add a note reminding clients to recycle the bottles after use.
  • Try a set of mini spice samples. One way to stretch out your budget is to buy smaller sized bottles that can be used for mini spice samples. If your industry is within the food, hospitality or leisure markets, this can be especially effective. Shop for bulk spices at a quality spice market, filling each mini bottle with interesting, flavoursome spices. Your clients are far more likely to remember a tasty selection of spices that are cleverly packaged than a single salt or pepper that can easily be purchased at a supermarket.
  • Choose quality spices. Needless to say, even if you are purchasing spices in bulk at a local market, it is essential to ensure that the spices are high quality and fresh. There is little point to giving corporate gifts such as spice if they are not going to be enjoyed. Wherever possible, aim for whole spices that can be ground directly in the grinders. Supermarket spices often have additives or preservatives, which are never ideal, so stick to a decent spice merchant that specialises in wholesale spice.
  • Don’t shy away from cheesy puns. The aim of corporate gifts is twofold. On one hand, you are thanking your loyal customers for their service. On the other hand, you are subtly promoting your brand to maintain that loyalty. Puns may seem silly, but it can be worthwhile putting thought into clever labels that make people remember your brand. You don’t have to get carried away – keep it simple and light and your gift recipients should be suitably impressed.

To learn more about the range of spice grinders available at Global Grinders, view our product range or contact us today with any enquiries you have.