How Spice Grinder Quality Impacts Your Business Reputation

You may not associate spice grinder quality with your business reputation. But, just as the quality of your products matter, so does the quality of the packaging. Today, there is an abundant number of spice manufacturers. These include small companies specialising in specific niches, such as seasoned salts. They also include large-scale commercial companies that manufacture and sell an extensive collection of salt, pepper, herbs and spices. Whatever the size of the business, reputation is a major factor in business success. This is the deciding factor on whether a customer will purchase your spice grinders. It also determines how your customers speak about you, online and in person.

The Impact of Spice Grinder Quality

Poor quality spice grinders have a direct effect on your reputation. Some of the ways that poor quality grinders can affect the way that customers view your business include the following:

Product freshness.

Grinders and bottles should be made from materials that have been quality tested extensively. Even the slightest drop in quality can result in spices losing their freshness. Although most commercial-grade seasoning can last on the shelf and in kitchens, spices start to lose their flavour as time progresses. Packaging that allows any air to enter the bottle can cause spices to degrade quickly. Bottles and grinders without tamper-proof linings do not seal in freshness, even if the final product is sealed with a plastic covering. When spices and herbs lose their flavour, customers are unlikely to purchase from your company again. If they purchase products that have been sitting on the shelf, they may find that the products have very little flavour. This can very quickly lead to complaints – to your customer care line or on social media.

Product defects.

In addition to keeping spices fresh for as long as possible, the grinders, flip top closures and bottles need to be made to high standards, too. Bottles should be made of high-quality PET rather than cheap plastic that easily warps. Glass should be fully recyclable and strong enough to last for endless refills. Grinders should work easily without jamming over time. Sprinklers should be made of high-grade material, with hinges that do not easily break. Defects in the grinders and bottles will lead to complaints. As most spice companies do not offer returns, the responsibility lies with the store that the customer has purchased the product from. If this happens frequently, the store can decide to pull your products. This can also happen in the case of spices that frequently lose their freshness before their best before date.

Customer expectations.

Today’s customer has very high expectations. Due to the wide choice of spice manufacturers on the market at present, customers have more choice than ever. If a customer is not happy with a new product they have tried, they will often simply not bother to purchase from that brand again. They may complain if they find problems with the product, such as poor flavour. Complaints made on social media platform or poor reviews left on Google or other platforms do not go away. Even if you respond to every complaint, you run the risk of losing potential customers and alienating current customers. In most cases, unhappy customers simply do not purchase again. Over time, this results in a poor level of customer retention. This has a knock-on effect, resulting in your company developing a reputation as a cheap yet poor quality manufacturer.

Global Grinders is a world-renowned manufacturer of premium, ISO certified grinders, bottles and closures. We have a long-standing history and a strong presence across South Africa, Europe and the United States. Thanks to our constant commitment to quality, our customers always have full peace of mind that they are purchasing spice grinders that meet even the highest standards.

Choosing Spice Grinders for the Retail Industry

Whether you are planning on starting a side business or you already have a large retail presence, finding the right spice grinders makes all the difference when it comes to the retail industry. Herbs and spices have a high market demand that is backed by a high turnover. Seasonings are used in every country around the world, by people of all races, ages and nationalities. In South Africa, spices are as diverse as the many cultures found throughout the country. Every single braai, dinner and meal enjoys a selection of spices. For those in the retail industry, this ensures plenty of opportunity for consistent sales. A huge part of succeeding in the spice business however is how your spices are packaged.

Choosing Spice Grinders for the Retail Industry

From basic seasoning such as salt and pepper, all the way to speciality spices and herbs, retail outlets of all sizes will benefit from choosing the right types of spice grinders. In this guide, we take a look at the essential features to consider when purchasing large numbers of grinders, bottles and grinder sets.

Purchasing Wholesale Spice Grinders for the Retail Sector

Some of the things to look for when purchasing spice grinders in bulk include the following:

  • Bottles. Grinder bottles are available in glass as well as PET plastic. Sizes are also varied. The standard size of grinder bottle is 100ml, which typically holds around 124g of herbs or spices. The base diameter is 45mm, while the height of the bottle is 125mm. Glass is often considered higher end as a product, while plastic is excellent for budget retail outlets. In today’s eco conscious world, many consumers are concerned about plastics. PET plastic offers an eco-friendly option that is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate. Up to 100% of these bottles can be recycled, making them excellent for concerned consumers. Glass bottles are also fully recyclable and reusable meanwhile.
  • Grinders and Closures. You will also need to consider the grinder tops as well. Generally speaking, the type of grinder you use depends on the type of spice you are selling. Many shop owners purchase spices and herbs in bulk, which are then decanted and sold in smaller quantities. Herbs and spices are often sold with flip top closures fitted with sprinkler holes. Finer herbs and spices are sold with multi-hole closures, with coarser products sold with teaspoon or open sprinklers. Salt, pepper and other whole spices are sold with grinders.
  • Linings. If you are selling herbs or spices, it is vital that they stay fresh on the shelf. Tamper proof linings do not only protect your product – they also ensure that customers are not able to open the spices that are being sold in store. These are often a requirement for ISO regulated retail outlets. Even if you have a home based business, stale herbs, spices or seasoning can quickly lead to customer complaints and refunds.

Global Grinders offers a wide range of bottles in glass and PET plastic, along with a selection of grinders and flip top closures. We also offer tamper proof linings as a value added service. For more information on placing an order at Global Grinders, simply contact us today with your requirements.