For wholesale spice grinders, freshness and quality are essential. Induction liners offer a way to avoid tampering at any stage of the packaging, distribution or selling process. They create an airtight seal that prevents leakage, greatly extending the product’s shelf life. These liners are added to grinder caps, providing three layers of protection – a heat seal, a foil centre and a backing piece usually made of board or similar material. They are essential to keep your salt, pepper, spices and herbs fresh until they are purchased and opened by consumers. Keep reading to find out more about how induction liners and why they are important for wholesale spice grinders.

The Importance of Whole Spice Grinder Induction Liners

Here’s what you need to know about induction liners and their use in keeping seasonings fresh in spice grinders.

What are induction liners?

Induction liners are also sometimes referred to as heat seal liners. As we mentioned above, they comprise of three layers – the heat seal, the foil middle and the backing piece. These layers are added to the inside of the grinder top or flip top sprinkler. Once the bottles have been filled with seasoning and they are ready to be prepared for packaging and distribution, the cap is added and the entire grinder is sealed. The contents are fully sealed inside the bottle and need to be removed for the bottle to be opened and the contents used.

How do they work?

To seal the induction layers once contents are ready for processing, an induction machine is used. This machine heats the layer, allowing it to bond electromagnetically to the glass or PET bottle. It creates a hermetic seal that can be peeled off by consumers. Application of the seals to the bottles cannot be done manually. This is because a very specific torque setting is needed to ensure consistent application. If some parts of the seal are bonded but others are not, there is an increased risk of leaks and other issues. The contents will not be air-tight, which can lead to spices losing their freshness, taste and aroma. It can also increase the risk of weevils and other contaminants that pose a health risk to consumers. For full peace of mind, it is best to include this value-added service from your spice grinder manufacturer, who will have a comprehensive understanding of the induction process.

Why are they so important?

The most obvious advantage is the fact that induction liners keep food contents fresher for longer. In retail environments, spices, salt, pepper and seasonings may sit on shelves for long periods until purchased. Even when purchased long before best before dates, products need to be kept fresh for as long as possible. When customers open their newly purchased spice, they expect the contents to be fresh and ready to use. Without induction liners, the contents may clump when moisture or air penetrates the container. Contents may lose their taste, too. This will have a direct impact on your product quality. In this, this will have a knock-on effect, putting your company’s reputation at risk. Induction linings are tamper-proof. This means that there is no risk of contamination at any point once the bottles have been prepared for final packaging and distribution.

Global Grinders offers a selection of value-added services, including induction liners and pressure-sensitive foam liners. Contact us today to find out more about our premium quality wholesale spice grinders.

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