A Perfect Grind Every Time. Global Grinders Pty Ltd launched the first high quality grinders in the FMCG market over 2 decades ago. They are now a benchmark for the spice packaging industry, including retailers, food service operators and contract-fillers. To this day, an unstinting attention to quality in materials used, service delivery, technological advancement, order turn-around time, product range diversity and client communication is still at the core of our company ethics. We remain committed to delivering the best, highest quality grinders all the time, every time.

Easy to use and with no metal parts, our grinders have made their mark worldwide. With a simple twist of the hand, they perform effortlessly. They function just as well as pepper grinders or salt grinders and deliver consistently in particle sizes and flow, whether with peppercorns, salts or spice blends. Our range caters for a variety of neck threads, bottle types and dimensions. With a large choice of shapes and recyclable materials, some models also regulate the grind. From finer to coarser, from less to more output, they dispense the most adapted seasoning to every dish.

Grinders suited to medium-sized bottles

Inline Adjustable


Shaped for a sleek, straight-sided look with coarse and find grind capabilities. Easy Push-Pull function. Fits perfectly on a retail shelf. Durable and strong.

Dimensions: 45mm x 29mm

Elegantly crafted grinder with consistent spice delivery, available with or without push-pull adjustability for fine or coarse. Easy to grip, it has become a best-seller.

Dimensions: 49mm x 29/32mm


EcoGourmet Dial Adjustable

The Ecogourmet grinder with its flared body and excellent grinding output is suitable for kitchen or table use. The black version is fitted with patented push-pull adjustability, but not its clear alternative.

Dimensions: 50mm x 38.9mm

Clever dial adjustable grinder mechanism for ease of use with 3 setting selector, giving coarse, medium and fine grinding options. Innovative with a clear lid, displaying the gear adjustment lever. Grind particle delivery for all tastes.

Dimensions: 50mm x 38.5mm


Fixed lid

Manufactured with our innovative EasyGrind™ gears that deliver a smooth consistent grind with ease. Now also available in a push-pull adjustable format if preferred.

Dimensions: 49.5mm x 35.9mm

The timeless Elegant design with a fixed twist- open and twist-to- close lid, perfect for restaurant tables, ensuring lids don’t go missing.

Dimensions: 49mm x 34mm



A chic design to complement any range of spices, seasonings and salt. Well balanced and effective.

Dimensions: 47mm x 33.8mm

An example of design excellence, simple, tasteful and compact. Performs its function with consistency.

Dimensions: 41mm x 30mm



Created to give you the shape and look of the classic spice mills which makes it a good fit anywhere. Allows for a comfortable grip and efficient results.

Dimensions: 53mm x 35mm

Well proportioned, giving it presence in-store and on the table. Robust and hard-working, delivers a perfect grind every time.

Dimensions: 51mm x 35mm


Chef’s Choice

Pairs with the smaller 100ml PET or the larger 200ml PET dumb-bell bottles for a neat, balanced combination. Non-removable, snaps onto a screw-on thread.

Dimensions: 49mm x 40.3mm

Perfectly suited to the Straight 200ml PET bottle, the wider Chef’s Choice grinder boasts an adjustable dial with 3 different settings for maximum control of grinding results.

Dimensions: 55mm x 39.5mm

Grinders suited to larger bottles



Designed to pair with our 375ml PET bottle, with a transparent lid and a built-in tamper evident seal. Ideally suited for the food service industry.

Dimensions: 49mm x 57mm

Earmarked for our 325ml PET bottle, it flows gently outwards, grinding easily with the EasyGrind mechanism. Built-in tamper evident seal and adjustability optional.

Dimensions: 49mm x 32mm

Large Faceted

Super Elegant

Substantially bodied and easy to hold and operate, this grinder can be used on 500ml or 1L bottles. Perfect for the catering industry, in a busy restaurant and industrial kitchens and canteens.

Dimensions: 72mm x 50mm

Built along the lines of the traditional Elegant grinder, this offers an alternative shape for the catering and food-service space. Produces high volume grinds easily, made to fit 500ml and 1L spice containers.

Dimensions: 68mm x 50.5mm

Grinders suited to smaller bottles



Fully adjustable with a push-pull motion, the Mini grinder is made to fit a variety of smaller containers ideally suited to picnics, airline meals and more expensive spices. It’s also perfect for promotional purposes.

Dimensions: 28mm x 30/32mm

Compact, snap-on, non-removable and suited to our shapely 80ml PET bottle. Available in 2 shapes. An excellent promotional tool at retail, point-of-purchase. Handy in restaurants or for camping trips.

Dimensions: 38mm x 28mm

We manufacture our popular mills and grinder caps to fit different bottle threads and varying diameters, to match the bulk of best-selling shapes and dimensions of spice containers across all continents. In our standard ranges, we can also supply a choice of spice jars designed to fit our closures, so you are able to purchase a complete packaging grinder set with peace-of-mind.

Should you need assistance in your selection, our experienced sales team is here to guide you through the many choices and configurations available. Once you provide them with some details regarding the “what”, “where”, “who” the product is intended for, they will assist to:

  • Narrow down suitable options
  • Suggest adapted sampling
  • Request checks on the bottle if not supplied by us
  • Provide detailed specifications
  • Advise on Minimum Order Quantity applicable to your choices, knowing that we work with cartons or pallets as wholesale suppliers and not with individual units as a retailer would
  • Answer your questions

Where required volumes are large and we do not have an off-the-shelf solution, our Research and Development team will be interacting with you too in order to devise a fitting product. For complex projects, this may entail different steps such as detailed drawings, 3D printing or prototype sampling. As established leaders in the market, we are entirely focused on spice packaging solutions and grinder centric. Our technical experts in product design, moulding, material innovations are always ready to take on a new challenge to create the best possible grinder.

Dimensions given above are indicative, detailed product specifications are available on request.

Why Global Grinders

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