Wholesale spice grinder branding can play a vital role in product positioning. Retail environments are highly competitive. In a busy supermarket, it can take just a few seconds for customers to decide which spice to reach for on the shelf. While factors such as established names will affect this decision, other factors also come into play. Even with well-known manufacturers, brand recognition has a major impact on the spices customers will choose. The quality of products is what will keep customers coming back. The look of your products on the shelf is what gets their attention, however. As a spice manufacturer, it is essential that your product gets noticed quickly and easily. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to look at ways to improve your branding, such as wholesale spice grinder customisation.

A Guide to Wholesale Spice Grinder Branding

Here are just a few of the benefits that branding and customisation offer.

1/ Branding sets you apart from competitors

When you think about large, household name spice brands, you will very likely think of certain colours along with other elements such as labelling. Colour forms a major aspect of branding. On a shelf full of salt, pepper, herbs and spices, you want your products to stand out. Although you could go with plain colours such as black or clear grinders and flip-top closures, customised ones that suit your brand’s colour palette, style and design will stand out more easily. Customers will be drawn to your product and they will be more likely to pick up that bottle to take a closer look. Failing to stand out from other similar-looking products in the highly competitive retail space can make it harder to meet sales quotas, let alone help you start to build a strong presence.

2/ It creates a unified look for your products

Using our example of well-known spice brands, brand colours also create a more unified look. Customers seldom stop to look at labels when browsing products on the shelf, before making a decision to pick up the product and take a closer look. Many customers start to associate certain colours with certain products. On days when they are tired or busy, they will look at your colours and reach for the bottle knowing that they are getting the product they expect to get. A unified look also helps you create a more polished brand. When your customised grinders are used alongside eye-catching labelling and other brand details, you will be able to create a brand that is recognisable and strong.

3/ Branding helps you build a reputation

On that note, with a recognisable brand comes the chance to build a reputation. As a new or smaller manufacturer, you need to work harder to compete against other, better-known manufacturers. If your products are high-quality and your grinders are modern, customised and eye-catching, you will begin to develop a reputation. Customers will start to look for your products on the shelves. When you back up your customised packaging with excellent quality seasoning and branding campaigns, you will begin to build a legacy. Over time, customers will know and trust your products.

Global Grinders is the leading choice for ISO certified grinders. Our product range includes a selection of contemporary and classic glass and PET plastic bottles along with grinder tops and flip-top sprinklers. Along with other value-added services, we offer customisation to help your spice grinders set you apart.

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