A contemporary glass spice bottle to match our best grinders

A glass bottle is an ideal storage and display container to use with herbs and spices, including salt crystals and peppercorns. A 100 ml capacity (3.3 oz) is an ever-popular choice for a new look, providing more variety for those choosing to bottle spices in glass.

The 100 ml Flare glass bottle echoes the modern silhouette of pepper grinders found in the Eco range and distinctive models such as the Eco Gourmet. Featuring locking ramps, it opens up different possibilities for capping. Its streamlined shape allows for quick, easy cleaning between uses and its slightly lowered height takes up less space on a shelf, making it easier to grab and slide back into place.

Ultimately, space and equipment considerations, labelling and branding suitability as well as consumer preferences all contribute to the selection of the right jar for the right product. Original spice bottle or new Flare glass, it’s great to have options.

Still undecided between using a plastic spice bottle or a glass spice jar? Leaning towards a glass bottle to match that salt or pepper grinder? To assist with choosing the best option for specific requirements, the characteristics of the Flare bottle can be found below:

Bottle DescriptionFill to Neck (ml)Overfill (ml)Bottle Weight (g)Base Diameter (mm)Bottle Height (mm)Thread Type
Flare 100ml Glass100ml108ml100g45mm109.5mmScrew On

A great fit for sleek-looking grinders such as the Eco Gourmet Dial Adjustable or the EcoSmart, the Flare glass bottle also pairs off beautifully with established shapes such as the Elegant or the Inline grinders. The full range of our tried-and-tested salt and pepper mills which fit onto our Original glass Spice Jars, either in 50 ml or 100 ml, is suited to screw onto the Flare design and delivers the same consistent grind. Similarly, our range of Fliptop caps, both Mushroom and New Version, fit the Flare bottle for those finer spices or herb flakes requiring dispensing shakers.