The quest for healthy and sustainable eating

As inflation bites into consumers’ wallets around the world, grocery shoppers are having to make more difficult choices when it comes to the items finding their way into their shopping basket, juggling between budget, availability, health, and sustainability considerations.

Since the start of COVID 19, consumers have generally been more conscious about healthy food choices and recent data from a McKinsey survey (McKinsey Global Future of Food Survey 2022) confirms that trend. Amongst its top findings, this survey highlights that respondents prioritise healthy over sustainable, and they qualify healthy eating as consuming more fresh foods and less processed food, sugar, and fat. They are however quite confused as to what the healthier and more sustainable choices are:

This provides a lot of scope for suppliers and retailers to step in and fill that gap.

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Choosing Spice Grinders as a Small-Scale Producer

As a small-scale producer, choosing the right wholesale spice grinder partner can be daunting. While larger manufacturers can afford to buy in huge bulk quantities or import at a cheap price, smaller manufacturers often have limited resources and unique challenges. From ensuring product freshness to keeping overheads down, bottle customisation and other factors, there is a lot to consider when choosing a supplier for your spice grinders. In this article, we will share some of the most important factors to keep in mind.

Wholesale Spice Grinder Tips for Small-Scale Manufacturers

Things that you will need to take into account when choosing wholesale spice grinders include the following:


This will be the primary factor, whether you are a major producer or producing small quantities for boutique stores, selected retail chains or online shops. Larger, well-known brands have a few advantages over smaller brands, however. When producers have an established reputation, customers already know what to expect. When those producers use certified grinders, closures and bottles that meet global quality standards, their reputation further improves. Lesser-known spice producers who use cheap packaging are seldom able to compete with nationally or internationally recognised brands. This means that you cannot afford to make quality an afterthought. You will need to put as much focus on grinders and packaging as you do on your product. As a smaller business, you cannot afford the risk of reputation that comes with bottles made of cheap plastic, grinder tops that leak or get stuck or lids that don’t fit properly.


One reason for choosing grinders that meet rigid quality standards is that products will have a longer shelf-life. If you have a small store, and you produce smaller quantities of seasoning, your supply chain will likely be fairly small. You may not need to keep large volumes of stock. However, it is still essential to ensure that your seasoning stays fresh for as long as possible. The same applies to online stores. For small brands that are selling at selected supermarkets, this is even more important. Value-added solutions such as induction liners will keep your seasoning fresh, improving shelf-life significantly.


Whether selling at your own store, a retail chain or online, you need to stand out from larger producers. You also need to stand out from other artisan small-scale producers. The seasoning sector can be competitive. Choosing a partner that offers branding as an additional service is a worthwhile investment. This means that your lids and grinder tops can suit your brand colours. Along with your other branding efforts and labelling, you will have the benefit of a polished product that is set apart from other brands. Beyond colour customisation, you can also differentiate your brand by choosing unique bottle shapes and offering your customers a selection of grinder types made specifically for your product range.

To find out more about partnering with a globally acclaimed wholesale spice grinder partner, contact Global Grinders and let us help you get started.

How Does Spice Grinder Quality Reduce Product Spoilage?

One of the many benefits of choosing a trusted spice grinder partner is product freshness. But what does this mean on a larger scale? Freshness is essential for any product sold in retail environments. For seasoning produced in mass volumes and sold at larger retailers, freshness becomes even more of a concern. Customer satisfaction is one reason to ensure that seasoning stays fresh. There are bigger implications that many spice manufacturers need to consider, too. One such implication is spoilage. To understand how this can affect all areas of your business, you also need to understand the part that quality spice grinders play in the reduction of product spoilage.

Spice Grinders and Product Spoilage

The retail market remains high competitive. In larger supermarkets and store chains, customers have more choice than ever when choosing seasoning. While well-known brands will often not have to worry much about stock staying on shelves, smaller brands and newer brands may find it harder. Although small fulfilment orders can reduce wasted products to some degree, this is not always a proper solution.

When products such as salt, pepper, herbs and other seasoning is left on the shelf, products lose their freshness. The longer they are left on the shelf, the higher the risk of products reaching their sell by, use by or best before dates. Once products are past their use by dates, they are often no longer fit for consumption. This increases the risk of customer complaints if outdated products are purchased or products ending up in landfills as they can no longer be sold. If you are producing large or even medium volumes of seasoning, with a lot of it not being sold before its expiry date, you will end up with major problems, including lost revenue.

Although marketing is often needed to promote products in order to prevent products sitting on shelves, there is another way to reduce waste. The packaging your product is being sold in makes a huge difference. If you are using cheap grinders and plastic or glass bottles, your product life-span will be shortened significantly. As spice and other seasoning absorbs moisture, poor packaging can result in clumped seasoning. Pathogens can also be a higher risk, along with various other issues. Aroma and taste are affected, too, which can have a direct effect on end users.

Choosing a partner that is fully certified, with bottles and grinders that adhere to strict quality guidelines is vital. Manufacturers that offer additional services such as tamper-proof seals and induction liners will add even more value. Both of these help to preserve product freshness. This, in turn, extends the shelf-life of products. The risk of clumping, moisture, bacteria and other problems is removed. Spoilage is greatly reduced, meaning less products ending up in landfills.

At Global Grinders, our goal is to provide the highest level of quality in all of our grinders, bottles and closures. We are a certified supplier in South Africa, USA and Europe. To find out more about our wholesale spice grinders and solutions, contact us today.

How Spice Grinder Partners Impact End Users

There is no doubt that choosing the right wholesale spice grinder partner is essential for many reasons. But what about the impact that this has on the end user – the customer? For salt, pepper, spice and other seasoning manufacturers, keeping the end user in mind is always a top concern. Product quality is imperative. Product freshness is equally important. If products are kept on the shelves for long periods, both of these factors are affected. For manufacturers, this can result in wasted stock. For end users buying seasoning, this can have a different impact.

Although the product itself needs to meet the needs of customers in terms of taste, quality, freshness and other factors, packaging also plays a big role in the process. This is where the link between wholesale spice grinder producers and end users intersects.

Spice Grinder Partners and End Users

There are several ways that your chosen spice grinder partner may have an impact on your customers. Here are just a few examples.

Product quality

From the moment it is packaged into bottles and sent to warehousing, seasoning begins to lose its original freshness. By the time it reaches retail shelves, spices may have been bottled for days or even weeks. In smaller batches, the processing is faster. When selling to smaller or specialist stores, products may be sold more quickly. In catering or event sectors, processing might be even more efficient.

When your product is packaged in poor quality bottles that do not have added features such as tamper-proof linings and seals, problems arise. Poor packaging results in poor product quality. Moisture and containments can penetrate bottles if they are not sealed. Cheap plastic can affect flavour. Badly designed bottles and grinder tops may not fit properly. All of these factors have a direct impact on product quality.

Customer perception

End users can refer to retail customers purchasing products, people dining at restaurants, event attendees or corporate gift recipients. When end users are introduced to your product, the perception they have will always be of the product itself rather than the packaging. This means that customers form impressions based on the quality, flavour, freshness and even smaller details such as texture or smell.

If you have used a grinder supplier that does not offer sealed bottles, for example, finely ground spices may be clumped. Spices may lose their full aroma after time on the shelf. At restaurants, grinders may not be adjustable or they may have a proper grinder mechanism.

Company reputation

The result of this negative perception is a direct impact on your overall reputation. When a new customer buys a bottle of seasoned salt from your company, several things happen. The customer has not tried your brand before. They buy the product and, when using it, they expect to enjoy the product. They will remove the grinder top, expecting to find an induction lining. They will then use the product. If there is no lining, the grinder mechanism jams and the salt that eventually comes out is not ground easily, that customer is not going to want to buy your product again. Even worse, they may decide to tell friends to avoid buying the product. If the grinder is cheap and hard to use, they may even take to social media.

This scenario is bad enough when dealing with a single customer. If the same problems consistently happen to multiple customers, you will soon have a reputation problem. Customers will not know that it is the grinder causing the problems. They will see your product and your entire company being at fault. Poor reputation has a knock-on effect, resulting in wasted stock, lost sales, and, in more serious cases, business failure.

At Global Grinders, we aim to be more than suppliers. Instead, we strive to form partnerships with our clients, who are situated across the globe. By providing our clients with the best possible level of quality, which is backed by ISO certification and rigid assurance measures, we cater to both spice producers and end users. To learn more about what we offer as a wholesale spice grinder partner, contact Global Grinders today.

Why Choose Fixed Lid Spice Grinders?

Fixed lid spice grinders have a smart, integrated design that prevents missing lids. These grinder tops are an excellent choice for restaurants, cafeterias, office kitchens and other busy environments. Besides the more obvious benefit of preventing lost lids, these grinders have a few other advantages that make them worthwhile for your business. In this article, we will share some of the biggest benefits of fixed lid spice grinders to show you why they are a good choice.

Advantages of Fixed Lid Spice Grinders

Here are just a few benefits of our fixed lid spice grinders:

Easy to open and close

These grinders are easy to use, opening and closing with a quick twist of the grinder. When twisted open, the grinder releases seasoning as it is turned. When closed, no seasoning escapes even if the grinder mechanism is turned. For busy establishments such as restaurants, these grinders allow customers to quickly dispense seasoning and close the grinder when done.

Prevents spoilage

Stale salt, pepper or seasoning is never ideal – especially in a restaurant or similar dining environment. Missing lids can often result in seasoning going stale. In the case of salt, moisture can seep in through the open lid, causing it to clump. For coarse herbs or other types of seasoning, open lids can dry the contents out. This will shorten the lifespan of products. It can also reduce the flavour of seasoning, which can have an impact on customer satisfaction. It can also affect your bottom line, forcing you to replace stock more quickly as it does not stay fresh.

Streamlined design

Finally, these grinders have aesthetic benefits, too. With no lids or additional parts, they are streamlined and compact. They will fit onto tables without taking up space or resulting in lids falling onto tables. When customised to suit your branding, they add a stylish touch to your dining areas. This makes them an excellent choice if you’re looking for a compact, simple grinder. Pair with our flared bottoms or our many other bottle styles to add even more to the look of this grinder.

At Global Grinders, our goal is to bring you the very best range of grinders to suit your needs. Contact us today to find out more about our range of spice grinders.

3 Reasons to Try Our Adjustable Push-Pull Spice Grinders

Adjustable spice grinders offer plenty of benefits for consumers, making them a popular option for many spice manufacturers. In the retail sector, these grinders provide customers with a more versatile alternative to traditional grinders. As this market is extremely competitive, having products that are able to meet customer demands is key. Global Grinder’s adjustable push-pull spice grinders give you all the benefits of adjustable grinders, with even more features. Keep reading to find out more about these grinders and their benefits to your brand and customers.

Why Invest in Push-Pull Adjustable Spice Grinders?

Our push-pull grinders bring the best of adjustable grinders, with added benefits. Some of the biggest benefits offered by these spice grinders include the following:

1/ Versatility

Certain dishes require a fine sprinkle of salt, while others may require a coarser grind to season meat or provide more flavour. Like any other adjustable grinder, these grinders allow consumers to adjust the texture of salt or pepper, producing a fine and coarse grind. Unlike the standard model, push-pull grinders make it even easier to switch between fine and coarse grinds. For consumers, being able to use a single grinder to produce both finely and coarsely ground salt, pepper and seasonings is always an advantage. In restaurants and other food environments, these grinders also provide versatility to customers.

2/ Usability

A major advantage of this type of grinder is its ease of use. Standard adjustable grinders are simple to use – these grinders are even simpler. The grinder works by holding the bottle firmly in place then pulling upwards the grinder head and twisting the top. This releases a coarser grind. When the grinder top is pushed back down, it returns to releasing a finer grind. By adding simple instructions on your packaging, consumers will quickly learn how to use the grinder with minimal effort.

3/ Convenience

Finally, another major benefit of this type of grinder is its convenience. The average consumer does not want to waste time or effort looking for different grinders to use when cooking or preparing food. Having a single grinder that can easily grind both fine and coarse seasoning provides a major selling point to consumers. Convenience is important for end-users. It can also act as a competitive advantage, allowing your seasoning to stand out on the shelves due to its usability.

Wondering how to choose the right grinder? Global Grinder shares some pointers to consider when making your selection. View our full overview of the push-pull grinder to find out more.

The Biggest Risks of Imported Wholesale Spice Grinders

When running a spice production business, it can be tempting to try and save costs by importing wholesale spice grinders from destinations known for cheap products. Many businesses assume that they can decrease overheads. Although you may save on initial costs, there are a few big challenges involved in importing wholesale spice grinders. The biggest risk is quality. As you already know, quality is essential when purchasing wholesale spice grinders. Sourcing grinders from countries that do not have rigid quality protocols in place means that you are purchasing large orders of poor quality grinders. This can have a knock-on effect on your business, affecting everything from compliance to reputation. There are many other risks to understand.

The Risks of Imported Wholesale Spice Grinders

Some of the biggest risks of imported wholesale spice grinders from countries with minimal regulations include the following:

Production standards

Countries that adhere to regulations and production standards are likely to be ISO certified. This means that they produce products that are compliant with global and national regulations. If you are growing your spice business in South Africa, you are required to meet many requirements to achieve certification. All aspects of your supply chain need to meet these requirements, too. If you source fully certified products locally, you will know that there will be no problems with compliance. Over and beyond regulations, production standards also need to be considered. If you are sourcing from outside of your country, it is difficult to know whether production standards are being met. There may be different standards in place than your home country. This can make it harder to meet compliance guidelines.

Grinder quality

In addition to meeting certification guidelines, you will need to consider the quality of the grinders. This includes the materials they are made from, the overall design, the mechanisms of grinders, the quality of PET plastic, features such as induction liners and tamper-proof liners, and the diversity of grinders and bottles. Another factor to consider is the sizes of bottles. Retail environments may not be the same in every country. If products are designed to fit onto shelves in one destination, they may not fit easily in another destination. Having non-standard bottles can make it more difficult to sell in retail environments.

Quality guarantees

Guarantees are not always possible when importing grinders. What happens if your products arrive, only for you to realise that grinder tops don’t work properly? What will you do if the hinges on flip-top closures break when opened? Instead of PET plastic, you may receive thousands of bottles in poor quality plastic. Glass bottles may not be in the correct sizes. If you’re shipping from countries that are far away, returns and refunds may get complicated. You could end up with products that you cannot use. If you risk using cheap, poor quality grinders that easily break, you are putting your reputation at risk. Sourcing grinders from a trusted local supplier ensures that you will have the option to deal with any potential problems. A leading supplier will prevent this from happening in the first place, as they are fully certified and compliant.

Last but not least, sourcing from local manufacturers is an excellent way to improve your reputation. Locally produced products and packaging allow you to be a truly South African business at all stages of the production chain.

For more information on working with a trusted local supplier of quality wholesale spice grinders, contact Global Grinders today.

3 Things to Know About Wholesale Spice Grinder Branding

Wholesale spice grinder branding can play a vital role in product positioning. Retail environments are highly competitive. In a busy supermarket, it can take just a few seconds for customers to decide which spice to reach for on the shelf. While factors such as established names will affect this decision, other factors also come into play. Even with well-known manufacturers, brand recognition has a major impact on the spices customers will choose. The quality of products is what will keep customers coming back. The look of your products on the shelf is what gets their attention, however. As a spice manufacturer, it is essential that your product gets noticed quickly and easily. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to look at ways to improve your branding, such as wholesale spice grinder customisation.

A Guide to Wholesale Spice Grinder Branding

Here are just a few of the benefits that branding and customisation offer.

1/ Branding sets you apart from competitors

When you think about large, household name spice brands, you will very likely think of certain colours along with other elements such as labelling. Colour forms a major aspect of branding. On a shelf full of salt, pepper, herbs and spices, you want your products to stand out. Although you could go with plain colours such as black or clear grinders and flip-top closures, customised ones that suit your brand’s colour palette, style and design will stand out more easily. Customers will be drawn to your product and they will be more likely to pick up that bottle to take a closer look. Failing to stand out from other similar-looking products in the highly competitive retail space can make it harder to meet sales quotas, let alone help you start to build a strong presence.

2/ It creates a unified look for your products

Using our example of well-known spice brands, brand colours also create a more unified look. Customers seldom stop to look at labels when browsing products on the shelf, before making a decision to pick up the product and take a closer look. Many customers start to associate certain colours with certain products. On days when they are tired or busy, they will look at your colours and reach for the bottle knowing that they are getting the product they expect to get. A unified look also helps you create a more polished brand. When your customised grinders are used alongside eye-catching labelling and other brand details, you will be able to create a brand that is recognisable and strong.

3/ Branding helps you build a reputation

On that note, with a recognisable brand comes the chance to build a reputation. As a new or smaller manufacturer, you need to work harder to compete against other, better-known manufacturers. If your products are high-quality and your grinders are modern, customised and eye-catching, you will begin to develop a reputation. Customers will start to look for your products on the shelves. When you back up your customised packaging with excellent quality seasoning and branding campaigns, you will begin to build a legacy. Over time, customers will know and trust your products.

Global Grinders is the leading choice for ISO certified grinders. Our product range includes a selection of contemporary and classic glass and PET plastic bottles along with grinder tops and flip-top sprinklers. Along with other value-added services, we offer customisation to help your spice grinders set you apart.

Introducing the Global Grinders Flare Glass Spice Bottle

With a streamlined, contemporary look, the new Flare glass spice bottle from Global Grinders is ideal for all seasonings. This glass bottle offers a modern alternative to our Original jars and more variety for those choosing bottles made from glass.

The Flare glass spice bottle comes in 100ml. It works well with the modern look of the Eco range spice grinders as well as more distinctive styles such as the Eco Gourmet. Key features include a locking ramp that enables more options for capping, an easy to clean shape, and a reduced height that takes up less room on shelves.

The New Flare Glass Spice Bottle

Here are a few things that make the new Flare glass spice bottle an excellent choice for spice manufacturers, catering businesses, and other industries. This bottle has the following features.


To stand out on shelves, a contemporary design is always important. With that said, bottles still need to be able to fit onto shelves without taking up too much space. The Flare bottle has a modern design with a subtle flare near its base. It will not take up excess space on shelves – in fact, a slightly reduced height makes it fit easily onto shelves. This gives you the benefit of a modern design that stands out, while still being practical for retail displays.


This bottle has a sleek, streamlined look and shape. It has a base diameter of 44.4mm and a height of 109.5mm. When paired with the Elegant or Inline grinders, the overall grinder has a subtle curve that adds elegance to its design. For catering industries such as restaurants and other industries such as corporate gifting, boutique seasoning companies, and other companies, the sleek look adds a touch of sophistication.


This bottle is also very versatile. It can be used with many of our grinder tops, including the Eco Gourmet Dial Adjustable, EcoSmart, Elegant and Inline. It also works well with all of our flip top closures, including the Mushroom and New Version. When used alongside custom coloured grinders or closures, labeling and branding offer even more versatility. The bottle is easy to clean and made of sustainable glass that can be reused or recycled.

View our full range of glass bottles to view our other premium quality bottle options or choose the new Flare spice bottle from Global Grinders for a modern, sleek bottle that will always look good.

Wholesale Spice Grinders and Supply Chain Transparency

There is a vital need for supply chain transparency when it comes to choosing wholesale spice grinders. Just like all commercial food packaging, spice bottles and grinders are subject to many stringent quality guidelines. If you are supplying large quantities of seasoning to consumers, you need to ensure that these guidelines are met at every stage of the supply chain.

Wholesale spice grinder manufacturing plays a key role in this supply chain. Even the slightest risk of contamination lapsed quality checks, poor line inspection or any other issues can have a major impact on your business. This is true not only in terms of the final product you supply to consumers but also your company’s reputation, quality conformance certification and overall profit margins.

A key challenge in this industry is the lure of low cost manufacturers that do not provide any type of quality assurance. Companies who focus purely on cost without considering factors such as quality, conformance and essential services such as UV traceability codes put their entire supply chain at risk. In the event that products are contaminated or they do not stay fresh on the shelves, it becomes difficult to determine where things went wrong. It could be an issue with packing. It could be a problem developed during storage. Or it could be a result of poor quality grinders that have not undergone the right checks and inspections.

Wholesale Spice Grinders and Supply Chain Integrity

To get products from the initial packaging manufacturing to the shelves, there are many different steps involved. Supply chain integrity is dependent on transparency at every step of the way. You need to know exactly what is happening, from the moment your packaging is ready for delivery. Choosing cheap, poor quality suppliers that are not certified means that there is very little chance you can expect to ensure that transparency. This means that you will never be able to provide your customers with an assurance that they are getting a quality product.

One of the most effective ways to ensure full integrity from the start of your supply chain is to choose a supplier that offers value added services. UV traceability codes are especially important to ensure conformance and accountability. This technology means that grinders are individually UV marked as proof of complete camera line inspection. In many cases, these codes are required by companies to meet certification guidelines.

On camera line inspections, the codes are used to quickly and easily locate individual grinders, tracing back in origin and forward in the destination. In the event of food safety problems or product recalls, it ensures that products can be identified. They can also help to prevent counterfeiting, as every code is unique and not seen with a naked eye. Used along with other measures such as tamper-proof liners, the codes can add an extra barrier of protection against the risk of product tampering.

At Global Grinders, our goal is to provide businesses with the best range of products and value added services. Contact us today to find out how our wholesale spice grinders help you ensure accountability at every stage of the supply chain.