Loadshedding and Wholesale Spice Grinder Production

The impact of loadshedding spans across every industry in South Africa, and wholesale spice grinder production is just one industry working to find ways to navigate this impact. Smaller manufacturers have battled to continue production. Some have been forced to cease production. Others have had to make drastic changes in how grinders and bottles are manufactured. As the country adjusts to the fact that loadshedding will not be going away any time soon, spice producers are also facing numerous difficulties.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. By choosing trusted wholesale spice grinder partners and developing a strategy to ensure continued product quality, the effects of loadshedding can be greatly reduced. Keep reading to find out how grinder manufacturers and spice producers are affected by loadshedding, and how these challenges can be addressed.

How Loadshedding Affects Spice Grinder Manufacturers

First, it is important to understand how loadshedding affects both spice grinder manufacturers and spice producers. Daily power outages are the norm in the current state. During lower loadshedding stages, total power loss will typically be two to four hours, depending on the day’s schedule. When stages are higher, downtime each day can be as much as eight hours or more. Even for companies and manufacturers with backup power solutions, the impact of daily outages is severe. Running manufacturing and packing facilities with multiple outages results in numerous problems.

Supply chain challenges, product spoilage, storage, and price increases of everything from seasoning to packaging are just a few of the battles faced by salt, pepper and spice producers. For consumers, this has a knock-on effect, thanks to inflation, decreased product quality, food safety concerns, and even reputation damage if spice producers try to cut costs by choosing cheap, poor-quality grinders.

What is the solution for spice producers, with all of these challenges in mind?

The best way forward is to keep the focus on what has always been the main concern – quality. A mistake that many spice producers have made is to try and cut costs by replacing their current packaging manufacturer with partners that do not deliver certified grinders or grinders with any type of quality guarantee. Although this may save money initially, it transfers the cost to the consumer, resulting in PET and glass bottles, grinders and flip-top lids that may break easily or not function properly. These quality issues, in turn, affect spice producers. When grinder mechanisms do not work, for example, the risk of product recall increases. Risk to reputation, loss of future sales and product waste also become more likely.

Product freshness is a major concern during loadshedding, especially due to changes in supply chains, retailer closures and other related issues that prevent products from getting to the shelves quickly. Add-on services such as tamper-proof lining and induction liners help to keep products fresher for longer. This helps to reduce wastage and spoilage, even during delays with storage, packing and transportation.

How Spice Grinders Promote Consumer Health

While there is no doubt that spice grinders have made it easier for consumers to enhance the flavour of food, they play another important role. Healthy living has become a major concern around the world. As health and nutrition products continue to expand across global markets, more people than ever are turning to smoothies, supplements, superfoods, plant-based eating, raw diets, and other lifestyles that promote health. Spice takes centre stage in the growth of the health industry. From cumin to coriander seeds, dried chilli, paprika flakes, cardamom seeds, rosemary, dried garlic, fenugreek and black pepper, whole spices can be used in a variety of dishes, as well as smoothies and fresh juices. Freshly ground spices or seasoning ensures that spices are fresh. Spice grinders make it easier to get the benefit of freshly ground spices, with minimal time and effort.

The Role of Spice Grinders in Healthy Eating

As a quick way to add flavoursome, nutrient-dense spices into meals and drinks, spice grinders instantly grind whole spices. Using quality grinders that provide an even grind adds more benefit, without affecting the taste of dishes by over-seasoning. For health food suppliers aiming to expand their range into whole spices, quality grinders are essential.

Grinder tops

Grinders that have mechanisms that easily break down spices without getting clogged or having other issues will result in poor-quality seasoning. Adjustable grinders are a good choice for salt, pepper, seeds, and other tougher spices, with a fine and coarse grind option. Quality twist grinders that deliver an even grind are ideal for restaurants and home use. The Chef’s Choice grinder from Global Grinders is a superior option that has 3 settings for optimal grinding results. Choosing grinders suited to your product will make sure that consumers get the full benefit of your product.


Choosing cheap plastic bottles can result in many problems. If plastic is made from toxic materials, the final product becomes a health risk. Many cheap plastic bottles may contain BPAs. Bottles made from sustainable materials such as PET ensure that there are no harmful chemicals involved in bottle production. These bottles are also recyclable – a major advantage for health-conscious consumers. Glass bottles are equally sustainable, durable and reusable. 

Induction liners

Forming part of your grinder, along with your choice of bottle, induction liners are essential to keep spice fresh. For whole spices, freshness ensures that spices do not go stale or lose their potency. Induction liners keep the freshness inside the bottle. They also prevent moisture from entering the bottle – something that can have a big effect on freshness. At Global Grinders, we offer induction liners and tamper-proof liners as part of our value-added services.

Whether you are a small-scale producer, creating a customer seasoning range for a health cafe or adding to your range of products, choosing the right grinders and bottles is vital. To find out more about how we aim to deliver the highest-quality ISO-certified products, contact Global Grinders now.

Choosing a Wholesale Spice Grinder Partner in 2022

If you are looking for a wholesale spice grinder partner in the new year, there are a few criteria that will need to be considered. COVID-19 has had a massive impact all over the world. This includes the economy as a whole. But it has also shone a spotlight on the importance of stringent health and safety measures. For the food industry, this has never been as essential. Food packaging plays an integral role within health and safety, ensuring a supply chain that is protected against pathogens, tampering and other concerns. In today’s times, businesses can no longer afford to put these concerns second to factors such as pricing.

With this in mind, choosing a wholesale spice grinder supplier comes down to far more than price. Quality is an equally, if not more important criteria. This should be reflected across every aspect of the product packaging, from health and safety all the way to value-added services. Choosing the right partner this year will have a knock-on effect on the quality of your products. It will also affect your reputation, customer satisfaction and overall profit margin.

Choosing the Right Wholesale Spice Grinder Supplier

You may be at a point where you are no longer happy with the products or services offered by your current supplier. You may be starting a new business selling specialised spices. You may be in a position to scale your current business, with a need for larger volume grinders, closures and bottles. Whatever the case, here are some things to reflect on when choosing the right wholesale spice grinder supplier in 2022.

Quality assurance

It is no longer enough for suppliers to claim that their products are of high quality. Unless this can be backed up by certification and other quality assurance, these claims are meaningless. Be extremely wary of choosing non-certified suppliers. Certification involves an extremely stringent process, with every single aspect of production carefully evaluated by independent authorities. Compliance is subject to strict regulations, with re-certification, audits and other measures in place to ensure that suppliers continue to meet the standards set forth by quality guidelines.

Health and safety

In industries such as food packaging, FSSC 22000 is the certification Scheme for Food Safety Management Systems based on existing standards for certification in the consumer goods industry. As a global Scheme, it serves as a guideline for all food safety measures used by certified suppliers. In addition to certification, other criteria that signify that your potential supplier is committed to health and safety includes sanitisation efforts. At Global Grinders, our High Tech Ozone Chamber is used to sanitise all products before dispatching, ensuring peace of mind for you and your customers.

Value-added services

Along with these essential criteria, it is also useful to partner with suppliers who provide more than basic products. Value-added services can vary according to your needs. For example, Global Grinders offers customisation of grinder top and closure colours to work with your brand. We also offer services such as tamper-proof liners, pressure-sensitive foam liners, induction liners and UV marked traceability codes.

Over many years of service, Global Grinders has delivered outstanding quality to businesses across South Africa, the United States and Europe. We are proud to be the leading supplier of wholesale spice grinders, ensuring the perfect grinder, every time.