At Global Grinders, we offer a wide range of value-added services, including wholesale spice grinder customisation. Whether you are looking for grinders and flip-top closures in your brand colours or grinder bottles in unique shapes, customisation can be a way to make your product stand out. There are a few things to note about customisation, however. In this guide, we share some tips on what you need to know when considering customised wholesale spice grinders.

Understanding Wholesale Spice Grinder Customisation

Here are a few things to know about wholesale spice grinder customisation.

What parts are customised?

There are a few parts that can be customised. Most commonly, the grinder or lid is customised. A wide range of custom colours can be chosen. From a brand point of view, this helps you choose grinders in your company colours. You can also select specific colours for different seasoning ranges. For example, you may use red tops for seasoned salt, blue tops for special herb blends and brown tops for pepper blends. You may choose a variety of colours within your brand colours. For example, if your primary brand colour is green, you may use different shades of green for different blends. You may choose solid colours or tinted transparent grinder tops. Bottle sizes and shapes can also be customised. You might have a specific design that suits your brand look. You may require larger or smaller bottles to suit your needs. Along with customised tops, this ensures that your grinders are fully tailored to suit your brand look.

Is customisation right for every company?

With that said, customisation isn’t always the right choice. This will depend on the company and the industry. A large spice company selling in a traditional retail environment may find that customised lids help products stand out. Uniquely shaped bottles will not always be easily kept on shelves. If bottles are too wide or too big, they may not be placed near other standard bottles. You may find that a smaller boutique retail environment is more suitable. But it may not be worth taking a chance, only to find your products being stored somewhere in a corner because they do not easily fit onto shelves. On the other hand, in a catering or corporate gifting company, unique bottle shapes will stand out. There are no limitations such as shelving. Ultimately, the decision will be made using careful market research to determine the best shape for your specific needs. The goal is to make your product stand out. If that comes at the price of not being easily displayed in supermarkets, you will miss out on that goal.

What are the benefits of customisation?

There are a few benefits of customisation. The biggest one is, of course, the chance to stand out. Branding plays a vital role in packaging. For products such as salt, pepper and seasoning, you want your packaging to be as attractive as the contents. You put in a lot of effort and time to create labels that showcase your product to perfection. It makes sense to do the same with grinders. When you have beautifully designed labels and colourful lids in your brand colours, your product stands out from competitors. It also creates a more cohesive experience, especially when your product has the same look as your website, brochures and marketing material.

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