PET Bottle Range

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a compound which gives the plastic bottle its toughness, provides energy saving and ease of production. Plastic bottles are sterile and therefore safe to use and recyclable. Due to their resilience they are unlikely to burst or leak. Since the mid 1970’s plastics have risen to prominence as packaging materials for food, beverages, cosmetics and a host of consumer goods. Plastic is easily molded and presented in a multitude of attractive shapes. The seven sizes and shapes in our PET range, from the ‘cute’ angular 50ml jar to the curvaceous 375 ml bottle, are testimony to this feature of plastic.

Bottle DescriptionFill to Neck (ml)Overfill (ml)Bottle Weight (g)Base Diameter (mm)Bottle Height (mm)Thread Description
375ml PET375ml390ml35g60mm163mmScrew on / Snap on
325ml PET325ml353ml28g64mm177mmScrew on / Snap on
200ml PET200ml218ml25g52mm146mmScrew on
100ml PET100ml120ml25g44mm117mmScrew on
80ml PET80ml93ml17g42mm110mmSnap on