The quest for healthy and sustainable eating

As inflation bites into consumers’ wallets around the world, grocery shoppers are having to make more difficult choices when it comes to the items finding their way into their shopping basket, juggling between budget, availability, health, and sustainability considerations.

Since the start of COVID 19, consumers have generally been more conscious about healthy food choices and recent data from a McKinsey survey (McKinsey Global Future of Food Survey 2022) confirms that trend. Amongst its top findings, this survey highlights that respondents prioritise healthy over sustainable, and they qualify healthy eating as consuming more fresh foods and less processed food, sugar, and fat. They are however quite confused as to what the healthier and more sustainable choices are:

This provides a lot of scope for suppliers and retailers to step in and fill that gap.

Access Issue 7 of Global Grinders’ newsletter “What’s cooking?” to read more about the current initiatives and opportunities to solve the issues consumers encounter in finding healthy and sustainable eating choices.

Also, find out more about:

  • the re-thinking and re-designing of the PET spice bottle range
  • where to find the Global Grinders team at the PLMA Chicago between 13th and 15th November 2022

Why Your Wholesale Spice Grinders Need Induction Liners

For wholesale spice grinders, freshness and quality are essential. Induction liners offer a way to avoid tampering at any stage of the packaging, distribution or selling process. They create an airtight seal that prevents leakage, greatly extending the product’s shelf life. These liners are added to grinder caps, providing three layers of protection – a heat seal, a foil centre and a backing piece usually made of board or similar material. They are essential to keep your salt, pepper, spices and herbs fresh until they are purchased and opened by consumers. Keep reading to find out more about how induction liners and why they are important for wholesale spice grinders.

The Importance of Whole Spice Grinder Induction Liners

Here’s what you need to know about induction liners and their use in keeping seasonings fresh in spice grinders.

What are induction liners?

Induction liners are also sometimes referred to as heat seal liners. As we mentioned above, they comprise of three layers – the heat seal, the foil middle and the backing piece. These layers are added to the inside of the grinder top or flip top sprinkler. Once the bottles have been filled with seasoning and they are ready to be prepared for packaging and distribution, the cap is added and the entire grinder is sealed. The contents are fully sealed inside the bottle and need to be removed for the bottle to be opened and the contents used.

How do they work?

To seal the induction layers once contents are ready for processing, an induction machine is used. This machine heats the layer, allowing it to bond electromagnetically to the glass or PET bottle. It creates a hermetic seal that can be peeled off by consumers. Application of the seals to the bottles cannot be done manually. This is because a very specific torque setting is needed to ensure consistent application. If some parts of the seal are bonded but others are not, there is an increased risk of leaks and other issues. The contents will not be air-tight, which can lead to spices losing their freshness, taste and aroma. It can also increase the risk of weevils and other contaminants that pose a health risk to consumers. For full peace of mind, it is best to include this value-added service from your spice grinder manufacturer, who will have a comprehensive understanding of the induction process.

Why are they so important?

The most obvious advantage is the fact that induction liners keep food contents fresher for longer. In retail environments, spices, salt, pepper and seasonings may sit on shelves for long periods until purchased. Even when purchased long before best before dates, products need to be kept fresh for as long as possible. When customers open their newly purchased spice, they expect the contents to be fresh and ready to use. Without induction liners, the contents may clump when moisture or air penetrates the container. Contents may lose their taste, too. This will have a direct impact on your product quality. In this, this will have a knock-on effect, putting your company’s reputation at risk. Induction linings are tamper-proof. This means that there is no risk of contamination at any point once the bottles have been prepared for final packaging and distribution.

Global Grinders offers a selection of value-added services, including induction liners and pressure-sensitive foam liners. Contact us today to find out more about our premium quality wholesale spice grinders.

Which is Best – Electric or Manual Spice Grinders?

When it comes to spice grinders, consumers have two choices – electric and manual. Electric grinders are not normally associated specifically with spice, however, they are still sometimes used by consumers who already own grinders that are used for coffee and other non-spice products. Manual grinders are typically associated with salt, pepper and other coarse spices. They are commonly purchased and used, usually in individual bottles containing the specific type of spice.

How do these compare and will electric grinders ever offer an alternative to manual spice grinders that affects sales of the latter?

Electric vs Manual Spice Grinders

There are a few key differences between these two spice grinders. Application, cleaning and overall quality of the spice are the main considerations when comparing the two. Here are the differences worth noting.


Electric grinders come in the form of grinder attachments that fit onto blends or separate, small electric grinders. They are not commonly made for spice specifically. Most are made and used to grind coffee. The average consumer will not only use the grinder for coffee, however. They will also grind many other ingredients, including whole oats, rice, sugar, seeds, nuts, and even herbs. Although this makes electric grinders versatile if whole spices are also ground along with various other ingredients, this is not always ideal. Over time, electric grinders tend to develop a build-up of items that are ground. If coffee is ground most frequently, ground ingredients may begin to taste and smell like coffee over time. Grinder blades and the metal bowl need to be cleaned frequently and even if they are cleaned, this build-up can still occur. Another downside is the fact they require electricity to be used. With loadshedding still a major concern in South Africa, this can be frustrating if grinders cannot be used.


Not counting pestles and mortars, manual grinders come in the form of bottles – PET or glass – and grinder tops. These are sold in individual bottles and used in their bottles. Many can be used again with the help of refill sachets. They are still not mixed with other spices or ingredients. This means that the flavour and smell are not affected. Customers can grind pepper or salt, fill their grinders when the spice runs out and then expect a fresh, pure flavour and scent. Grinder bottles can be cleaned and used for other products (even non-spice items). Glass bottles will not be susceptible to build-up if cleaned properly. It is easy to clean and can be recycled frequently. The fact that manual grinders are small, compact and sold at market-related low prices in supermarkets and various other stores is another advantage. They can be kept on spice racks and used as needed, without any need for plug points or power.

In most cases, consumers will have both types of grinder. The demand for manual grinders will never go away, however. As more small-scale spice manufacturers emerge, there is a growing consumer need for good quality products.

Sourcing grinders and bottles from a trusted ISO certified supplier such as Global Grinder is the best way to ensure that your spice grinders remain a staple for your customers.

Why choose Global Grinders?

It has come to our attention lately that cheap imitations of our grinders have recently appeared in the market.

Some of them look so much like ours, that it is difficult to tell the difference. Others look like cheap imitations.

The best way to compare them, is to test them for yourselves:

We suggest you try and grind three full containers bottles/jars of your products with one of these grinders. If you use rock salt in your range, this would be the best test.

  • Does the grinder past this test, without seizing up?
  • Does the grinder have the clarity of Global’s grinders?
  • Does the grinder feel firm or wobbly on the bottle?
  • Is the grind consistent?
  • Does the grinder itself have adjustability for a coarse or fine grind?
  • If it does and this works by pulling the grinder up for a coarser grind and pushing it down for a finer grind, it is no doubt infringing our patent.

Other points to consider are:

  • Will the supplier send you samples, free of charge, to test on your production line?
  • Will the supplier adjust the delivery of the product flow, and coarseness of the product ground, to suit your needs?
  • Is the packaging (boxes, pallets, etc), provided free of charge.
  • Will the supplier replace any stock, free of charge, should you be unhappy with it at all, for a legitimate reason.
  • Will the supplier hold reserve stock, even for a custom made product, if requested?
  • Will the supplier split your order over a colour range to your specifications and add your logo for free?
  • Will you get the overall after sales experience?
  • Will the supplier guarantee that the grinder he supplied you is totally BPA free, if required?
  • What will the cost of the mould be, if you are making your own design?
  • Does the supplier have product liability insurance?
  • Does the supplier have recall insurance?
  • Will the supplier provide you with extended credit terms?

Global Grinders – FSSC 22000 certified company

We have just taken our commitment to food packaging safety to the next level. We are now a FSSC 22000 certified company.

This ISO based Food Safety Management System provides a framework to effectively manage food safety responsibilities. The standard is fully recognised and accepted by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA). The scheme is also supported by FoodDrinkEurope (European Organization for Food and Drink manufacturers) and GMA (The Grocery manufacturers Association in the USA).

This accreditation proves that our company has a robust Food Safety Management System in place that will meet all of our customers’ food safety requirements relating to food packaging and will guarantee peace of mind for retailers and consumers.

Click here to visit the Global Grinders website.

Supplier of the Year – Global Grinders

Jeff Gross announced at the Sales & Management Meeting that the 2013 Supplier of the Year Award will be given to Global Grinders. Global has been a vendor of Kaufman Container for over a decade and has done an exceptional job in providing quality products and services to a variety of customers. Located in South Africa, Global Grinders supplies a variety of spice closures, grinders, as well as spice bottles to a global customer base. Many of their products are unique and patented. Global was key in providing Kaufman Container grinder closures for Kroger, Gourmet Nut, and recently a line of custom dispensing closures for JR Watkins company in Winona, Minnesota.

Lorraine Vos of Global Grinders made the following statement upon receipt of the Supplier of the Year Award:

The management and staff of Global Grinders are extremely proud to have been awarded the honor of being Kaufman Container’s Supplier of the Year for 2013. It is inspiring for us, a small company based right down on the southern tip of Africa, to be recognized for our ability to produce excellent quality products. However, more so, that our efforts to offer good and efficient service are appreciated.

Our company started in 1997 with 5 employees, a tiny factory with a single product (a grinder designed and manufactured by ourselves) which was then only supplied to the local market. We slowly started expanding and one of the first ventures into export was actually to the USA.

Since then, our product range is now extensive and our market spreads to every continent. We supply many general trade items but also many custom designed and branded grinders. Most of our products are patented. Kaufman Container has been instrumental in helping us to “spread our wings” even further into the USA market for which we are grateful. We strive to stand for our motto – a perfect grind every time.

Congratulations Global Grinders!

Another year draws to a close!

When we were children, once Christmas was over, it seemed like we had to wait an eternity for the next Christmas. Now it is astonishing how quickly it does come around again!

I would just like to take this opportunity to let you all know that our manufacturing division will be closed for our summer vacation from the 13th December until the 13th January and our administration offices from the 20th December also until the 13th January. We will however be available on email if you need any assistance.

Wishing everyone the best over the Festive Season, whether it will be in snow or sunshine, and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!!

Summer in the Northern hemisphere

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who visited our stand at the PLMA trade show in Amsterdam last month. It was great to meet with you all.

Secondly, I wish our friends and customers Happy Summer Holidays and for those that are going away over this period, I hope you all have a great time and travel safely to your favourite destinations and return well-rested.

To my daughter and her family and everyone else in the USA: