Flip Top Sprinkler Range

For packing spices and herbs that need to be sprinkled, we have various configurations and hole sizes for either larger particles or fine sprinkling. As a result, we cater for many dispensing preferences. Across all models, the lids on the caps snap firmly closed to seal in freshness and to keep moisture out. From simple shakers to dual flip tops, our spice closures fit a variety of jars and threads.

In our standard ranges, choices include snap-on options to minimise tampering and screw-on options for 2-start and 3-start bottle threads allowing multiple refills. However, we are able to customise sprinkler lids to match other spice jar requirements. We also pay special attention to the design and performance of the hinges to allow for efficient, hermetic closing and durability for extended use.

Shapes of the flip tops vary from understated straight lines to tapered silhouettes and rounded ridges, to best fit in with brand personalities and various grinder tops. Our flip-tops will pair with a variety of grinders and bottles. This makes it easy to achieve aesthetically pleasing displays of grinders and shakers on retail shelves, kitchen counters and restaurant tables.


7 Hole Sprinkler

Dispenses medium sized particles, ie 4mm size and bigger. Variety of shape apertures available, to cater best to either herbs or spices. Also in a 5 hole configuration option. Made to fit PET or glass jars with 50ml (1.69 oz) to 100ml (3.3 oz) and even 200ml (6.7 oz) contents.

Dimensions: 20mm x 40mm

Teaspoon Sprinkler

Most effective aperture size for large sized content or for accessing more than 5ml of content at a time per serving. The ultimate pouring dispenser ideally suited to ingredients measured in teaspoon or tablespoon portions. Can be matched to PET or glass jars with 50ml (1.69 oz) to 100ml (3.3 oz) and even 200ml (6.7 oz) contents.

Dimensions: 20mm x 40mm

19 Hole Sprinkler

Evenly dispenses finely pre-ground seasonings. For the finer sprinkling moments of flavours stored in either glass or PET, with 50ml (1.69 oz) to 100ml (3.3 oz) and even 200ml (6.7 oz) contents.

Dimensions: 20mm x 40mm

Dual Flip Top

Sprinkle on one side or pour for more product from the other. 4 holes provide sufficient sprinkling to cover needs for most widely-consumed mixes and spices.

Available to fit an assortment of containers, either glass or PET, with 50ml (1.69 oz) to 100ml (3.3 oz) and even 200ml (6.7 oz) contents.

Dimensions: 21mm x 40mm

Snap On Sprinkler

Snap on/non-removable sprinkler with built-in tamper evident band on lid. Ideal option for the smaller fills requiring a no-mess, no-fuss tampering solution – no liner needed. 7 holes to provide dispensing for a wide range of herbs or spices.

Suitable for 80ml (2.7 oz) PET bottle thread.

Dimensions: 24mm x 36mm

Dual Flip Top for 375ml Bottle 4 hole + spoon

4 smaller sprinkling holes and the option of a teaspoon hole for dispensing teaspoon styled servings. Sturdily designed snap-on cap. Compact shape suited to the 375ml (12.7 oz) PET bottle with a shorter silhouette than its “big brother” below. A very practical option for catering kitchens and popular spices.

Dimensions: 58mm x 27.4mm

Dual Flip Top for 375ml Bottle 9 hole + spoon

A second higher profile variant of the first 375ml Dual Fliptop. Complements the flowing line of the voluptuous bottle. Includes teaspoon sized aperture and 9 smaller holes for regulating access to and flow of seasoning content. Perfect companion for the Eco Grand grinder. Ideally suited to spice mixes used in large quantities.

Dimensions: 57.4mm x 41.2mm

Food Service Sprinkler

Bespoke 19 hole shaker / sprinkler cap. Currently the single sprinkler option with a fully removable lid. Allows for an easy flow of spices or herbs with its evenly spaced, slightly larger orifices. A good match for the Eco Classic grinder.

Extremely versatile, fits our 200ml (6.7 oz), 250ml slimline (8.45 oz), 325ml (10.9 oz) and 375 ml (12.7 oz) PET bottles.

Dimensions: 58mm x 33.5mm

We devise sprinkling tops to suit our clients’ needs. The range of choices detailed here is part of the stock available to order at all times. Although black lids are always extremely popular, we can make to-order a spectrum of colour palettes which can better match the brand or characteristics of the fill a customer wants to package.

We also offer tamper-proof options for all flip-tops, either with pressure seal lining or heat induction lining.

All our flip-tops are currently recyclable plastics under category 5 and are made to fit glass or PET containers which are also available ex-stock from our extensive bottle range.

If a client has existing jars with other neck sizes or threads, or in other materials (such as aluminium for instance), we will work with the relevant samples to provide the best packaging closure for each case scenario, including the diameter of the shaker holes. Our sales team and our product designers have extensive experience in providing customised solutions to suitably contain and sprinkle all types of herbs, spices and flavourings. Contact them with specifics at sales@globalgrinders.com

Anticipating market trends is part of what we do, but above all, we pride ourselves on supplying a product that will do the job, do it well repeatedly and a product that will enhance the brand and the flavours it is designed to store and dispense.