Flip Top Sprinkler Range

For packing spices and herbs that need to be sprinkled, we can offer various hole sizes for either larger particles or fine sprinkling. The lids on the caps snap firmly closed to seal in freshness and to keep moisture out.


7 Hole Sprinkler

Dispenses medium sized particles, ie 4mm size and bigger.

Dimensions: 20mm x 40mm

Teaspoon Sprinkler

Most effective aperture size for large sized content or for accesssing more than 5mls of content at a time per serving.

Dimensions: 20mm x 40mm

19 Hole Sprinkler

Evenly dispenses finely pre ground seasonings.

Dimensions: 20mm x 40mm

Dual Flip Top

Sprinkle on one side or pour for more product from the other.

Dimensions: 17mm x 40mm

Snap On Sprinkler

Snap on/non-removable sprinkler with built-in tamper evident band on lid.

Suitable for 80ml PET bottle thread

Dimensions: 24mm x 36mm

Dual Flip Top for 375ml Bottle 4 hole + spoon

4 smaller sprinkling holes and the option of a teaspoon hole for dispensing teaspoon styled servings in a sturdily designed snap-on cap.

Dimensions: 58mm x 27.4mm

Dual Flip Top for 375ml Bottle 9 hole + spoon

A second higher profile variant of the first 375ml Dual Fliptop. Compliments the flowing line of the voluptuous bottle. Including Teaspoon sized aperture and 9 smaller holes for regulating access to and flow of seasoning content.

Dimensions: 57.4mm x 41.2mm

Food Service Sprinkler

Bespoke 19 hole shaker/sprinkler cap fits our 200ml (6.7 oz) and 325ml (10.9 oz) PET bottles.