Whether you are starting your own spice business in the new year, or you are aiming to add spices to your existing product range, finding the right spice grinders is essential. For consumers faced with a myriad choices on the market today, standing out from the competition can be challenging.

Choosing the right grinder for your business

Larger scale and smaller businesses both need to ensure that their products are packaged safely, efficiently and attractively. You might have a stellar marketing plan and an eye-catching label, but if your spices are stale or stored in a way that puts consumers at risk, your business will not thrive. Grinder sets are designed with functionality in mind. They need to not only provide a vessel for your spices, but also maintain your product on the shelf.

What to Consider When Ordering Spice Grinders in Bulk

What should you look for when purchasing spice grinders in large volumes? The following factors should all be considered before placing your order:

#1 Bottle Material.

Spice bottles are typically available in a choice of glass or plastic. If you choose plastic, it is best to look for a supplier that offers PET plastic. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is safe plastic that is used in the food and beverage industry. This material is easily recycled, making it a good choice for eco-conscious manufacturers. It is also strong, durable and non-toxic. Glass bottles have a higher price range, but a higher retail value for finished products. These bottles are recyclable and reusable, while also being safe and sterile to use for spices. Depending on your requirements and budget, you may find that PET bottles, glass bottles or a combination of both may be used.

#2 Bottle Size.

Another thing to consider is the size of the bottle. The standard size for spice bottles is 100ml. This size will suit a large number of commercial uses, from retail to hospitality. Smaller sized bottles are also available, such as the 80ml bottle. This can be an excellent choice for sample sets, gift sets or hospitality industries that require smaller volumes. Larger sized bottles range from 200ml to 325ml and 375ml. These are ideal for the catering and hospitality industries. If you have a small spice business, you may find that standard sized bottles are the most versatile choice. Restaurants, hotels and other enterprises may find that a combination of bottle sizes is more effective.

#3 Grinder Styles.Grinder tops come in a variety of styles. Standard

Grinder tops come in a variety of styles. Standard grinders are made from high-grade materials that enable smooth grinding when the top is turned clockwise or anti-clockwise. Adjustable grinders allow consumers to alternate between coarse and finely ground spices by pushing down or pulling up the grinder top. Fixed lid and screw tops are also available.

#4 Flip Top Closures.

In addition to grinder tops, you can also select flip top closures that work with pre-ground spice and herbs. For those in the spice business, these are a good way to extend a product range or add to an existing range. Closures range from fine sprinkler closures to tea spoon closures, wider sprinklers and dual closures.

#5 Liners. Tamper proof liners are essential for any spice packaging and sales. These ensure that your spice stays fresh on the shelf. They also provide consumers with peace of mind in knowing that the product has not been opened after spices have been packed. At Global Grinders, some grinder sets and closures have built-in liners, while other liners can be purchased separately.

As a specialist in the spice bottle and grinder industry, Global Grinders has been supplying companies of all sizes with functional, attractive bottles, grinders and sets. We also offer value-added services, such as our tamper free liners. To learn more about our current range, visit us online or view our spice grinder product catalogue.

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