There are many factors to take into account when choosing spice grinders for any business, but when it comes to the hospitality industry, even more things need to be considered. Hospitality sector businesses range in size and nature. From tiny coffee shops all the way to franchise restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts and even bed and breakfast establishments, each business within this sector has different requirements for catering supplies. Spices – and particularly salt grinders and pepper mills – are an integral item for almost all businesses within this sector.

Whether you are a guest house owner looking for affordable spice grinders in smaller batches, or a large restaurant franchise looking to update the look of your grinders, knowing what to consider when searching for the right supplier is key.

Purchasing Wholesale Spice Grinders for the Hospitality Sector

Wholesale spice grinders come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Depending on your business’ specific needs and preferences, you may find that you need a large number of smaller glass bottles, a smaller number of large sized plastic bottles, or something that combines a variety of sizes and styles. Some tips to keep in mind when purchasing grinders for your hospitality business include the following:

  • Consider your average guest number to determine bottle size. To ensure that spices stay fresh, it is best that they do not sit unused for months on end. If your business has a high guest turn-over, with salt, pepper and other spices used frequently, then larger sized bottles would work well. If your business includes dining as a side service rather than a primary service, then smaller bottles may be more suitable. For example, a guest house may not use as much spice as a busy restaurant. Likewise, a coffee shop will not use the same amount of spice as a large resort. As spices are sealed, keeping smaller bottles in storage will preserve spices a lot better than keeping larger, opened bottles would.
  • Consider your ideal market to determine bottle style. Obviously, cost needs to play a big role in choosing what style of grinder you will use. But it is also a good idea to consider your target guest. Budget plastic grinders would not be out of place in a low-key diner. They may on the other hand not be as suitable for a 5-star cocktail lounge. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing grinders from a trusted supplier such as Global Grinders is that you have the benefit of a varied product range that includes economy grinders as well as deluxe grinders such as the Elegant range. Ordering in bulk helps you to save on costs, without sacrificing quality.
  • Consider how the grinders will be used. Grinders don’t only have to be limited to salt and pepper. If you include a house blend of spices, or specially prepared seasoned salt, you will need to expand your order accordingly. It’s also worth considering glass bottles if you plan to buy spices in bulk. That way, you can refill bottles without the risk of contamination. Plastic bottles pick up odours and residue, making them better for once-off usage. Glass on the other hand can be washed, sterilised and reused again and again.

Looking for a high quality range of grinders that is ideal for almost every industry? Visit Global Grinders to view our Ready to Grind spice grinders, or contact us today for further information.

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