If you are buying spice grinders in bulk for the first time, you may be wondering what to look for when choosing a supplier. A large number of industries use spice. Retailers, food and seasoning manufacturers, catering businesses, restaurants, hospitality industries such as hotels and guest houses and even promotional companies will all require grinders at some point.

Because grinders are often purchased in bulk, a mistake can cause the entire order to be wasted. This never ideal for any business’ bottom line, of course. The good news is that once you have found a supplier that meets your budget and requirements, it will be far easier to place orders in the future.

What to Avoid When Purchasing Spice Grinders in Bulk

With that in mind, how do you know how to go about ordering large volumes of spice grinders? For starters, you can consider these tips on what NOT to do when ordering bulk grinders…

  • Buying the cheapest grinders possible. It is always important to keep within your budget. But when it comes at a risk of sacrificing quality, price should not be your only consideration. Very cheap grinders may not include tamper-proof liners, which in turn may result in spices losing their freshness before their expiry date. Poor quality plastic grinders may also not be made from PET, meaning that they may not be free of toxic chemicals. Bulk orders help to save expenses – if you choose a grinder supplier that offers quality and good prices, you will have full peace of mind knowing that you are getting a decent product.
  • Not considering your target customer. If you are a spice manufacturer, it’s a good idea to do your market research before placing an order. Will your ideal customer be more likely to purchase a PET grinder, or a glass bottle grinder? Will you need larger or smaller sized bottles, or will standard bottles be suitable? What sort of grinder tops would your ideal customer use? Knowing this information in advance will make it easier to know exactly which grinder bottles and tops to invest in, without wasting money on the incorrect grinders.
  • Not considering your product. Likewise, you will need to think carefully about the type of seasoning you are selling as well. Flip top lids for herbs and spices come in a variety of sizes, including teaspoon, 19 hole and 7 hole. Other styles include dual flip top lids and non-removable sprinklers with built-in tamper-proof linings. If you are selling finely ground herbs or spices, you will need a closure with 19 holes, or a dual top closure. Coarsely ground herbs and spices however require a tea spoon or 7 hole lid.

Here at Global Grinders, we work hard to ensure that our customers always get full peace of mind when placing their orders. We provide a wide range of bottles, grinders and ready to grind sets that include both grinders and bottles. We also stock a range of flip top closers. If you require tamper-proof liners to keep your spices fresh on the shelves, we can assist with those as well. To learn more about our range, or to place an order, simply contact us today.

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