The catering industry has unique requirements where spice grinders are concerned. In a busy kitchen environment, food is prepared on a frequent basis – often in large amounts. A personal chef for example may need to have a large amount of spice on hand to prepare lunches and dinners. A catering company that specialises in functions, such as weddings, birthdays or other celebrations, not only needs to have large volumes of seasoning, but may also require a large number of smaller bottles of salt and pepper for tables.

Choosing Spice Grinders for the Catering Industry

What can caterers look for when considering wholesale spice grinders for their business needs? Let’s take a look.

Purchasing Wholesale Spice Grinders for the Catering Sector

Some of the features to consider when ordering spice grinders in bulk for your catering requirements include the following:

  • Size. Whatever the size of your business, larger sized grinders will likely the most cost-effective option. When you are cooking for large groups on a regular basis, you will find that you go through seasoning and spices at a far quicker rate than a regular consumer would do. The best sizes for this type of industry are the 325ml and 375ml catering bottles. These are available in high quality PET, which is ideal for the often busy environment of the kitchen. Glass bottles are harder to find in larger sizes, but these may not always be practical in the catering environment. Larger sized bottles will ensure that your spices, salt and pepper go a long way. They can also be ordered in bulk to ensure that you always have sufficient stock on hand. For businesses that specialise in functions, smaller bottles may also be needed in bulk to cater for individual dining tables.
  • Grinder. Larger sized bottles typically require a larger grinder that fits onto the bottle. The 63mm grinder is adapted to fit catering size bottles. Grinders are made from high grade plastic, resulting in a sturdy grinder that will last. This means that you can purchase a smaller number of grinders, while bulk ordering bottles. This grinder provides a basic turn and grind style that is practical and suitable to use for coarser pepper and spices. Coriander seeds can be ground with this grinder, while sugar, course salt, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and many other spices can also be ground in a good quality grinder.
  • Closure. For finer grinds, flip top closures are used. These are available in a number of different sizes. The teaspoon size is made for pouring spices, the 7 hole lids are designed for sprinkling larger particles and the 19 hole flip top is made for finer sprinklers. Snap on/non-removable sprinklers are also provided, which are fitted with built-in tamper evident band on the lid to seal in the freshness. Flip top closures are designed to snap securely closed when not in use, which helps keep spices and herbs fresher for longer.

As a trusted supplier of wholesale spice grinders, Global Grinders has worked with a number of industries. To learn more about our range, you can view our ready to grind selection or contact us with order information.

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