While there is no doubt that spice grinders have made it easier for consumers to enhance the flavour of food, they play another important role. Healthy living has become a major concern around the world. As health and nutrition products continue to expand across global markets, more people than ever are turning to smoothies, supplements, superfoods, plant-based eating, raw diets, and other lifestyles that promote health. Spice takes centre stage in the growth of the health industry. From cumin to coriander seeds, dried chilli, paprika flakes, cardamom seeds, rosemary, dried garlic, fenugreek and black pepper, whole spices can be used in a variety of dishes, as well as smoothies and fresh juices. Freshly ground spices or seasoning ensures that spices are fresh. Spice grinders make it easier to get the benefit of freshly ground spices, with minimal time and effort.

The Role of Spice Grinders in Healthy Eating

As a quick way to add flavoursome, nutrient-dense spices into meals and drinks, spice grinders instantly grind whole spices. Using quality grinders that provide an even grind adds more benefit, without affecting the taste of dishes by over-seasoning. For health food suppliers aiming to expand their range into whole spices, quality grinders are essential.

Grinder tops

Grinders that have mechanisms that easily break down spices without getting clogged or having other issues will result in poor-quality seasoning. Adjustable grinders are a good choice for salt, pepper, seeds, and other tougher spices, with a fine and coarse grind option. Quality twist grinders that deliver an even grind are ideal for restaurants and home use. The Chef’s Choice grinder from Global Grinders is a superior option that has 3 settings for optimal grinding results. Choosing grinders suited to your product will make sure that consumers get the full benefit of your product.


Choosing cheap plastic bottles can result in many problems. If plastic is made from toxic materials, the final product becomes a health risk. Many cheap plastic bottles may contain BPAs. Bottles made from sustainable materials such as PET ensure that there are no harmful chemicals involved in bottle production. These bottles are also recyclable – a major advantage for health-conscious consumers. Glass bottles are equally sustainable, durable and reusable. 

Induction liners

Forming part of your grinder, along with your choice of bottle, induction liners are essential to keep spice fresh. For whole spices, freshness ensures that spices do not go stale or lose their potency. Induction liners keep the freshness inside the bottle. They also prevent moisture from entering the bottle – something that can have a big effect on freshness. At Global Grinders, we offer induction liners and tamper-proof liners as part of our value-added services.

Whether you are a small-scale producer, creating a customer seasoning range for a health cafe or adding to your range of products, choosing the right grinders and bottles is vital. To find out more about how we aim to deliver the highest-quality ISO-certified products, contact Global Grinders now.

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