When buying wholesale spice grinders, there is a common conception that price is the most important factor. Whether you are a major seasoning manufacturer placing large orders or a smaller catering company that requires mid-sized orders of multiple grinder sizes, price is just one factor. The problem with choosing suppliers based purely on price is that lower prices can often mean lower quality. You may find a supplier that offers the cheapest grinders on the market. You may decide to import from China or other destinations that supply extremely low cost products in bulk. Although you may save on the order itself, you could end up losing on overall profit if the grinders are of poor quality.

What should you be considering when choosing wholesale spice grinders, then?

The Smart Way to Choose Wholesale Spice Grinders

Price doesn’t have to be taken out of the equation completely, of course. It makes little sense to spend a fortune on your packaging unless your final products have a high market value. Ideally, you should be considering all of the following factors when making your decision.


The first and most important factor should always be quality. Whatever your industry, you do not ever want to compromise the quality of your final product. If your seasonings are packaged and sold in poor quality bottles, with grinders that don’t work properly or flip-top sprinklers that easily break off or fall apart, you will have a problem. Your customers associate your packaging and your product with your business. To customers, there is no difference between the seasoned salt you sell and the grinder it is sold in – it becomes a single product. When the grinder is of poor quality, customers will see your entire product as poor quality. You then stand the risk of developing a poor reputation, losing sales and profit.


Once you have determined that you are getting a good quality grinder, you can then take price into consideration. There are a few things to note about price. This will ultimately be determined by various factors. The size of the grinders is one factor. Then there is the material of the bottle – glass or PET plastic. The type of grinder top is another factor. If value-added services are included, such as custom colours, tamper-proof liners, induction liners or UV traceability, that will also affect the price. A supplier that offers a wide selection of grinders, bottles, flip-top lids and services will provide high value. That means that you will get a higher return on investment. Prices should be competitive. However, if you purchase grinders that keep your seasonings fresher and allow you to brand your product, you will get maximum value.

At Global Grinders, our goal is to bring you premium quality grinders at competitive prices. Our products are fully certified, meeting stringent quality guidelines. We are the trusted supplier of premium grinders across the globe. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of wholesale spice grinders.

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