Choosing wholesale spice grinders involves a number of decisions, ranging from pricing and product range all the way to overall quality. Something that is not always considered is the supplier’s ability to meet local and international regulations. Food safety is something that no spice seller can afford to ignore, however. Failing to take such regulations into account can end up making it far harder to grow your business. In many cases, it is illegal to sell products without taking basic regulations into account. To help you get a better idea of what to look for when choosing wholesale spice grinders, we have prepared a list of best practices.

Choosing Regulation-Approved Wholesale Spice Grinders

To ensure that your product meets the often stringent food safety requirements, it is essential to invest in wholesale spice grinders that meet basic regulations. Your grinder supplier should be able to offer the following:

ISO certification.

ISO certification is essential to be fully sure that the supplier meets the often stringent criteria required in the food sector. Without certification, there is no way to provide any type of guarantee to customers that your product meets these criteria. The standard that is most relevant for packaging such as grinder bottles is FSSC 22000. This standard was designed to ensure consumer trust in the supply of safe food and drinks. The FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification presents a framework that manages food safety responsibilities. This standard is fully recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is designed according to existing ISO standards.

Tamper-proof liners.

Another thing that is essential for quality, freshness and food safety is tamper-proof induction liners. Without these, spices, salt and pepper sold in bottles can be exposed to air, liquids and contaminates. Liners provide additional protection and also help to seal in freshness so that products can stay on the shelves up until their expiry date. Ground spices are susceptible to clumping and moisture absorption, making liners especially important to prevent loss of flavour. When spices are no longer fresh, there is a far higher risk of losing reputation and future sales.

Testing and assurance.

Finally, regular testing and quality assurance is also essential when choosing grinders and spice bottles. Suppliers that are ISO certified are required to undergo routine testing as part of the certification process, meaning that quality tests are done on a regular basis. This helps to identify potential improvements and continually improve the quality of the bottles and grinders. For you, this means the best possible way to store and package your spices. You will then be able to pass down this assurance to your customers, who have full peace of mind that you are bringing them a high-quality product.

At Global Grinders, we offer a large range of fully certified, industry-approved grinders and bottles to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale spice grinders.

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