During a business trip in early spring our European sales manager had the opportunity to visit some of our customers and their impressive facilities. She toured the saltpans on Brittany’s coastline, including the Guérande salt marshes.

The area is famous for the “salt eyes” which are formed from the clay and salt water filled pans that reflect the sky looking like little scattered eyes. Here they harvest the very exclusive “Fleur de sel” the “crème de la crème” of the saltpans where sauniers – the local term for salt harvesters, rake salt from shallow waters in an ancient tradition practiced almost nowhere else in the world.

The salt harvest commences in June and continues throughout summer. Age old artisanal methods and technology are still in use to harvest approximately 12000 mt of salt a year.

Great care is taken to conserve the nature and natural bird life in the wetlands including controlling the volume of tourists.

We wish all our clients many more successful years ahead and continued growth.

Thank you to all who took part and who met with us, the hospitality was truly appreciated.

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