Choosing the right flip top (flapper cap) closures comes down to the type of seasoning you are packaging. A dual flip top can often be a good choice for medium sized particles that can be poured or sprinkled. For finer herbs and spices, a sprinkler top is often a better choice, however. For larger particles, a teaspoon top would be more effective.

Keep reading to find out which type of spice, seasoning closure to choose to ensure that your herbs and spices can be poured without blockages or issues.

Choosing Spice/Seasoning Flip Top Closures (Flapper caps)

With so many different herbs and spices on the market, choosing flip top closures is not always straight-forward. When placing bulk orders, it is always best to be absolutely certain about which type of closure you will need, to avoid one that does not adequately pour or sprinkle seasonings. Each type of closure is designed with a specific size of particle in mind. The contents of your spice bottle will, therefore, be the deciding factor on which closure to choose.

If you have coarse seasoning…

Coarse seasonings such as rosemary, garlic flakes, whole cloves, star aniseed, dried and crushed chillis or whole cinnamon are best suited to a teaspoon closure. These closures have an open top that allows easy pouring. These are no segments for spice or herbs to get stuck and using the seasoning will be far easier for end-users.

If you have medium particle seasoning…

For seasonings that are not considered fine but not coarse either, both the teaspoon closure and the 7 hole sprinklers will be ideal. While the teaspoon closure allows seasonings to be poured, the 5 hole and 7 hole sprinklers allow for even distribution of seasoning over food. The holes are large enough to allow particles to easily fit through without the risk of getting stuck or lumped together. This sprinkler is ideal for dried parsley, mixed herbs, basil, coriander seeds, finely crushed chilli, and curry mixes with large and small particles.

If you have fine seasoning…

Fine seasonings, such as ground pepper, fine salt, ground ginger, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric, paprika, and various other ground spice are best suited to the 19 hole sprinkler. This sprinkler has multiple small openings to allow for even distribution over food. Spices are distributed through these small holes without clumping or overpouring, meaning that there is less risk of seasonings pouring out too fast. Using a teaspoon or 7 hole sprinkler for very fine seasoning can end up making it harder to sprinkle spices over food.

At Global Grinders, we offer a wide range of flip top closures (flapper caps) to meet your needs. We offer standard closure sizes as well as economy sizes for the catering industry. Browse our full range of spice grinder flip top closures to learn more about what we offer.

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