Why is ISO certification so important when choosing a spice grinder supplier? You may be wondering whether certified suppliers are any different to non-certified suppliers, or whether certification has any impact on the final quality of your bottled spices and herbs.

Why Choose an ISO Certified Spice Grinder Supplier

To help you get a better of why it is so essential to choose fully certified suppliers when purchasing spice grinders in bulk, we have put together a list of the top benefits of ISO certification.

Top Benefits of ISO Certified Spice Grinders

Some of the top reasons to choose ISO certified suppliers when shopping for wholesale spice grinders include the following:

  1. Optimal herb and spice freshness. When you purchase grinder sets, closures and bottles from an ISO certified supplier, you are getting the best peace of mind in knowing that your product will stay fresh on the shelves. This is achieved through value added services such as induction and tamper proof liners. In addition to preventing air from spoiling your product, you will also be sure that bottles cannot be opened on the shelf. This, in turn, helps to ensure the best possible shelf life of your bottled herbs and spices.
  2. Adherence to food safety regulations. At the same time, certification requires strict adherence to a number of food safety protocols. When purchasing wholesale grinders from a certified supplier, this means that you can also be sure that the highest standards have been followed at every point of the production process, from the very start all the way until your order is shipped. Cheap quality imitations do not offer this level of quality, which can result in reduced quality when bottles and closures are not made according to international standards.
  3. Comprehensive quality guarantee. Following on from rigid testing is a comprehensive guarantee of quality. Here at Global Grinders, we are so sure of our quality that we offer customers the chance to put our bottles and grinders to the test before placing a final order. This means that you will never have to worry about receiving a large order, only to be disappointed with the final product. Simply put, a fully certified supplier practices what they preach.
  4. Rigid testing and assurance process. It is thanks to rigid testing and regulations that such guarantees are given. Testing ensures that improvement is continuous and that quality management is always ensured. Whether it is testing new materials, improving sprinkler holes or simply fine-tuning our products, Global Grinders gives you total peace of mind through ongoing testing.
  5. Best value for money. Finally, as a result of all of these measures that are put in place, you will also get the best possible value for money. Buying cheap grinders may seem like a good investment at first. In reality, you will soon find out that a poor quality grinder results in a poor quality spice. This affects your bottom line directly. When you invest in the best quality grinders and enjoy our wholesale prices that further help you save, you can always be sure that you will see a difference in your turnover.

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