With a streamlined, contemporary look, the new Flare glass spice bottle from Global Grinders is ideal for all seasonings. This glass bottle offers a modern alternative to our Original jars and more variety for those choosing bottles made from glass.

The Flare glass spice bottle comes in 100ml. It works well with the modern look of the Eco range spice grinders as well as more distinctive styles such as the Eco Gourmet. Key features include a locking ramp that enables more options for capping, an easy to clean shape, and a reduced height that takes up less room on shelves.

The New Flare Glass Spice Bottle

Here are a few things that make the new Flare glass spice bottle an excellent choice for spice manufacturers, catering businesses, and other industries. This bottle has the following features.


To stand out on shelves, a contemporary design is always important. With that said, bottles still need to be able to fit onto shelves without taking up too much space. The Flare bottle has a modern design with a subtle flare near its base. It will not take up excess space on shelves – in fact, a slightly reduced height makes it fit easily onto shelves. This gives you the benefit of a modern design that stands out, while still being practical for retail displays.


This bottle has a sleek, streamlined look and shape. It has a base diameter of 44.4mm and a height of 109.5mm. When paired with the Elegant or Inline grinders, the overall grinder has a subtle curve that adds elegance to its design. For catering industries such as restaurants and other industries such as corporate gifting, boutique seasoning companies, and other companies, the sleek look adds a touch of sophistication.


This bottle is also very versatile. It can be used with many of our grinder tops, including the Eco Gourmet Dial Adjustable, EcoSmart, Elegant and Inline. It also works well with all of our flip top closures, including the Mushroom and New Version. When used alongside custom coloured grinders or closures, labeling and branding offer even more versatility. The bottle is easy to clean and made of sustainable glass that can be reused or recycled.

View our full range of glass bottles to view our other premium quality bottle options or choose the new Flare spice bottle from Global Grinders for a modern, sleek bottle that will always look good.

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