Which criteria are the most important when choosing spice grinders in bulk? Although price is one factor to keep in mind, there are many other things that will determine whether or not you get the best value. A good quality grinder has the ability to grind easily and consistently. You should be able to adjust your grind, and the bottle should be clear and firm.

Because we want you to have the best possible experience, we have put together a list of the most important criteria that ensures a quality grinder. To find out more about what you should be looking for when testing spice grinders, keep reading.

Choosing the best Spice Grinders

5 Criteria for High Quality Spice Grinders | Global Grinders

Some of the things to consider when choosing spice grinders include the following:

Does the grinder course salt easily?

To test how easily the grinder works, try using heavy rock salt. A good grinder will be able to grind without seizing up or getting stuck. A poor quality grinder will struggle to grind, making it harder to use. The best way to test how easily the grinder grinds is to request a sample so that you can test it out yourself. Use a range of medium to coarsely ground spices, including peppercorns and large salt chunks.

Is the grinder bottle clear?

Although many glass bottle sets may be clear, not all plastic grinders are clear. If your business is in retail, this can have an effect on your brand’s reputation and even your sales. Clear grinders allow customers to easily see the spices and salts you are selling, while opaque grinder bottles may not have the same effect. High quality grinders, such as those sold by Global Grinders, are made from premium grade PET and plastic that is clear and durable. One again, this is why it is useful to request a sample before placing your order.

Does the grinder bottle feel firm?

On a similar note, when purchasing plastic or PET bottles, it is essential that the grinder feels firm. This can also make a difference to how your spice business is perceived by your customers. If it can easily be squeezed, there is a far higher chance of breakage. Bottles should feel firm to the touch, bending only a tiny fraction when squeezed, if bending at all.

Is the grind consistent?

If some particles are large and others are fine, it will be very difficult for your customers to ensure the perfect consistency in meals when using your spices. On that note, grinders should produce a consistent grind that produces even particles every time. This is something that should be carefully tested before placing your order.

Can the grinder adjust for coarse or fine grind?

Finally, another thing to check for is the ability to adjust your grinder for coarse or fine grinds. If your grinder is only able to produce one or the other, it may not add as much value as one that can do both. Only Global Grinders is able to guarantee this feature, giving you the best grind, every time.


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