If you have a business that sells freshly ground spices, purchasing high quality spice grinders is essential. There is a lot more to ensuring that your spices remain fresh than you may have thought however.

Spices have long been popular in the kitchen. Used all over the world in many different cuisines, whole spices as well as ground spices come in a bigger variety than ever before. To provide your customers with the best quality of spices however, you first need to ensure that you take precautions when buying spices as well as grinders. Spices should be carefully selected and ground in volumes that minimise the risk of waste or spoilage. As ground spice has a shelf life that ranges up to a year, it is not ideal to have too many bottles left on the shelf. Preservatives are useful to some extent, but for those wanting a natural, chemical-free solution, this is not always a viable option.

What can you do to keep spices fresh and tasty, and what else should you consider when sourcing bottles and grinders?

Top Tips for Buying Spice Grinders for Your Business

We have put together some useful tips to keep in mind when sourcing spice grinders in bulk volume. Some things to consider include the following:

  • Plastic or glass? Both plastic and glass bottles have pros and cons. In the retail sector, glass bottles have a higher value, which means that they could be worth the added investment when purchasing bottles. Depending on your business, your budget and your overall requirements, you may choose glass, plastic or a combination of both. Read our comparison of glass vs plastic bottles to see how they compare.
  • Bottle sizes. Smaller businesses such as delis, health shops and local cafes may find that a smaller range consisting of a standard bottle size may be best, while larger businesses may find that larger, smaller and standard bottles add variety to spice selections. Bottles are available in a range of sizes and styles – 50ml, 80ml, 100ml, 325ml and 375ml.
  • Bottle shape. You can also choose from a range of shapes. Classic cylindrical bottles are a popular choice, but you could also consider tapered bottles in plastic, or elegantly shaped bottles in glass. The shape often comes down to your overall business and your preferences. If you have a luxury farmer’s market store that sells organic spice blends, you may choose something smarter, but if you have a corner store that sells basic condiments and supplies, shape may not be an important factor at all.
  • Grinder lid closures. There are also a range of different closures available. In the Global Grinders grinder range, Gourmet and Elegant tops have a higher-end look, while the Inline Adjustable and Ecoline tops are more streamlined. There are also additional options such as the Catering top and Snap-On top.
  • Seals and liners. These are essential for a few reasons. Firstly, the seal keeps the spices fresh, allowing for a longer shelf life. Secondly, non-tamper seals give your customers better peace of mind in knowing that the goods have not been opened. Options for these include pressure sensitive foam liners as well as induction liners.

Once you have determined which types of grinders you will use, you will also need to determine labelling needs and packaging. But the perfect spice grinder is by far one of the most important things when it comes to spices, so it is well worth putting in some time and effort to ensure that you choose the best quality bottles and grinders that you can afford.

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