Not too long ago, we brought you some weird and wacky spice grinders that included everything from a camera lens to a Rubik’s cube. Today, we have a few more fascinating grinders that add a bit of humour and fun to almost any kitchen.

From nose shaped grinders all the way to a mobile watch grinder, a rocket ship grinder, a Russian doll grinder and a beer bottle grinder, we love how these kitchen tools make cooking fun. Of course, besides good looks, the most important element of any grinder is that it does the job it is designed to do. While novelty grinders are always fun, it is important to be sure that your grinders are of the best quality, to ensure that spices can be ground to perfection every time. If you’re looking for something simpler, be sure to check out our range of high quality grinders and bottles that will suit every kitchen… no matter how smart or relaxed!

Fun, Frivolous but Functional Novelty Spice Grinders

Without further ado, here are some of the best novelty spice grinders that we have seen around the web recently…

A Nose Shaped Grinder

Ideal for pepper or any other aromatic spice, this grinder reminds us how much of an important role the nose plays when using deliciously fragrant spices from around the world. Just be sure that you don’t inhale your freshly ground pepper too closely, or you may end up with a nose full of pepper!

A Mobile Watch Grinder

Ideal for campers and office foodies who want to take their favourite spices with them on the go, this grinder allows you to grind small amounts of spice. As it can easily be carted around on your wrist, there is far less danger of losing your grinder, either.

A Rocket Grinder

With a hint of retro-cool, this rocket grinder is sure to take your cooking to infinity and beyond. We love the sleek wooden look, which brings to mind mid-century design with a bit of Scandinavian flair. Definitely a gadget for trendsetting foodies.

A Russian Doll Grinder

Boasting a bright, colourful design, this Russian Matryoshka grinder may not be a traditional nesting doll, but it is certainly a lively touch to your kitchen or dining room. While the design is fairly classic, taking the shape of a simple pepper mill, the style is modern and quirky without being over the top.

A Beer Bottle Grinder

This would be a great gift for the beer-loving foodie in your life. With the shape of a bottle (but at the fraction of the size of an actual bottle), it combines the best things in life: good food and cold beer. We especially love the label and level of detail on this grinder.

Would you use any of these novelty pepper mills and grinders, or do you prefer your grinders on the classic side? 


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