With the festive season just about here, Global Grinders brings you some easy to prepare edible gift ideas that can be made with a few good spice grinders, plus a selection of seasoning ingredients. From sweet baking spice mixes to salad sprinkles, savoury spice blends and other ideas, these gifts are sure to be just the thing for the foodie in your life.

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How to Use Spice Grinders for Festive Gifts

With a few new spice grinders, you can make a number of unique, edible gifts. Here are just some ways that you can use your grinders for festive gifts…

  1. Sugar and Spice. Mix brown sugar with sweet spices such as cloves, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger (pre-ground will work fine for this purpose). Pour the spiced sugar into grinder bottles and label with a custom-made label that you have made yourself. This blend is great to use over cereals and baked goods, as well as fruit and yogurt. Make one bottle of mixed spice sugar, or prepare a few different blends to make a gift set of spiced sugar.
  2. Savoury Salt. Using the same method, you can make salt seasoned with assorted spices and herbs. Try dried rosemary, dried chilli flakes, mustard seeds, coriander seeds or any other type of spice. For best results, choose spices that the gift recipient uses often. You can use already ground spices, or fresh, dried herbs and spices that can be ground with the salt when it is used. Look for good quality coarse sea salt or pink salt to ensure a good base.
  3. Custom Spice Blends. Find out which spices your friends and family love, and then make custom blends that allow them to enjoy these spices whenever they want a dose of spicy goodness. This works especially well for busy home chefs who love cooking, but don’t always have time to shop around for their favourite spices. Add a custom label designed with the person’s name, and voila – you have a lovely personalised gift!
  4. Salad Sprinkles. Make a set of fun, edible salad sprinkles from various spices and non-spice foods that can be ground. Doritos and other crisps work well, but you can also try roasted seeds or dried ginger, chilli or even dried garlic flakes. Try black pepper with dried lemon flakes or dried rosemary. Looking for some inspiration? Have a look at our blog post on non-spice things to grind in a spice grinder.
  5. Mini Spice Set. Look for a set of smaller, mini sized bottles, which can be used to create a starter kit of spice and seasoning blends. Small sizes such as 80ml or even 50ml can also be used to create a ‘spices on the go’ set that can be used for those who travel a lot, those who love to camp and those who are often on the road. This makes a good housewarming gift as well – especially when packaged in a nice box, with personalised labels.

Offering a wide range of health benefits, not to mention the ability to transform an ordinary meal into something extraordinary, whole spices are certainly a gift that keeps on giving. Give the food lover in your life a special gift with the help of custom blended herbs and spices and quality spice grinders from Global Grinders!

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