The EasyGrind spice grinder from Global Grinders delivers a smooth, consistent grind, every time. This grinder has a plastic rotor and stator grinding mechanism that has the same shape as a ceramic model. Salt, pepper and other spice mixes can be easily ground without the need to fit different grinders for different spice types. Made from quality materials, the grinder is an ideal choice for consumers seeking an easy-to-use grinder that produces perfectly even grinds every time. This spice grinder is also an excellent option for catering and hospital sectors, offering benefits to customers and saving businesses the cost and effort of purchasing multiple grinder types.

Benefits of our EasyGrind Spice Grinders

Why should you invest in EasyGrinder spice grinders from Global Grinders? For starters, here are just a few key benefits to consider.

1/ Consistent

In regular grinders, some spice blends may not be ground evenly. Salt and pepper grinders are not always the same as grinders made for softer seasoning. This means that different grinders are often needed to ensure a consistent grind. The EasyGrind grinder removes this challenge. Salt, pepper, mixed spices and any other type of seasoning can all be ground from a single grinder, the way it would in a ceramic grinder. Customers will get the benefit of consistent grind, too, with evenly ground seasoning and reduced risk of hard particles getting jammed in grinders or left in food. The mechanism is easy to use, working in the same way as bladed gears, and crushing rather than cutting particles, similar to ceramic mechanisms.

2/ Sustainable

For spice manufacturers, this can lead to a significant reduction in costs. Rather than having to purchase multiple grinder tops to suit your product range, a single grinder top can be purchased. Unlike ceramic grinder mechanisms, the EasyGrind grinder is sustainable and made from BPA-free materials. From a cost point of view, these grinders are also cheaper than ceramic grinders. The plastic rotor is made according to rigid quality standards, in accordance with Global Grinders’ ISO certification. This mechanism can be fitted to the grinder and bottle of your choice. Our PET bottles provide further sustainability and cost-savings.

3/ Recyclable

Another advantage of this mechanism is that it is recyclable along with the entire grinder and bottle. There is no need to remove the grinding mechanism from the grinder. Ceramic grinders, on the other hand, need to be taken apart to remove the pin holding the rotor in place and force the stator from the outer casing in order to separate the grinder for recycling. The EasyGrind makes it easy to recycle without any need for taking everything apart. This means that it is easy to recycle and even easier to reuse.

Contact Global Grinders to find out more about our innovative EasyGrind spice grinder and find out why this grinder is the best choice for your needs.

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