Introducing Global Grinders’ EasyGrind™ – The one grinder/mill for salt, pepper and spice blends.

After ongoing R&D, we introduced the EasyGrind™ plastic rotor and stator grinding mechanism in the same shape as a ceramic model, which produces the same smooth consistent grind.

Why use our EasyGrind™

  • Firstly, it grinds evenly across salt, pepper and spice blends. No need to fit a different grinder for a different type of spice.
  • Secondly, the materials used are BPA free and cheaper than ceramic.
  • Thirdly, the complete grinder is recyclable, without having to dismantle the acrylic grinding mechanism from the rest of the plastic components. This sets it apart from a ceramic grinder which has to be disassembled by removing the pin that holds the rotor in place and forcing the stator from the outer casing using a special tool, in order to separate the different materials for recycling.
  • Moreover, we encourage sustainability in food packaging by producing recyclable and food safe products. We therefore avoid promoting ceramic as a component because it is not commonly recyclable.


Category: Salt / Pepper / Spices / Seasonings Grinders.

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