One of the many benefits of choosing a trusted spice grinder partner is product freshness. But what does this mean on a larger scale? Freshness is essential for any product sold in retail environments. For seasoning produced in mass volumes and sold at larger retailers, freshness becomes even more of a concern. Customer satisfaction is one reason to ensure that seasoning stays fresh. There are bigger implications that many spice manufacturers need to consider, too. One such implication is spoilage. To understand how this can affect all areas of your business, you also need to understand the part that quality spice grinders play in the reduction of product spoilage.

Spice Grinders and Product Spoilage

The retail market remains high competitive. In larger supermarkets and store chains, customers have more choice than ever when choosing seasoning. While well-known brands will often not have to worry much about stock staying on shelves, smaller brands and newer brands may find it harder. Although small fulfilment orders can reduce wasted products to some degree, this is not always a proper solution.

When products such as salt, pepper, herbs and other seasoning is left on the shelf, products lose their freshness. The longer they are left on the shelf, the higher the risk of products reaching their sell by, use by or best before dates. Once products are past their use by dates, they are often no longer fit for consumption. This increases the risk of customer complaints if outdated products are purchased or products ending up in landfills as they can no longer be sold. If you are producing large or even medium volumes of seasoning, with a lot of it not being sold before its expiry date, you will end up with major problems, including lost revenue.

Although marketing is often needed to promote products in order to prevent products sitting on shelves, there is another way to reduce waste. The packaging your product is being sold in makes a huge difference. If you are using cheap grinders and plastic or glass bottles, your product life-span will be shortened significantly. As spice and other seasoning absorbs moisture, poor packaging can result in clumped seasoning. Pathogens can also be a higher risk, along with various other issues. Aroma and taste are affected, too, which can have a direct effect on end users.

Choosing a partner that is fully certified, with bottles and grinders that adhere to strict quality guidelines is vital. Manufacturers that offer additional services such as tamper-proof seals and induction liners will add even more value. Both of these help to preserve product freshness. This, in turn, extends the shelf-life of products. The risk of clumping, moisture, bacteria and other problems is removed. Spoilage is greatly reduced, meaning less products ending up in landfills.

At Global Grinders, our goal is to provide the highest level of quality in all of our grinders, bottles and closures. We are a certified supplier in South Africa, USA and Europe. To find out more about our wholesale spice grinders and solutions, contact us today.

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