Most kitchens have a pepper grinder, some have a salt grinder, but not all kitchens have spice grinders that are used for condiments outside of the basic seasonings.

Whether you love spending time in the kitchen cooking up a storm or you prefer to focus on the bare minimums as long as someone else does the actual cooking, adding freshly ground spices is the best way to liven up just about any meal. Having a good grinder (or few) can go a long way in making it easier to experiment with different spices, add flavour to your favourite meals and benefit from the health advantages that many spices and herbs have to offer.

The humble grinder then should perhaps be getting a bit more attention than it currently does. Keep reading to find out why a spice grinder will help spice things up, in more ways than one.

How Spice Grinders Make Life Easier… and More Flavoursome

In addition to weird and wacky spice grinders that can be found in novelty stores, the basic types of grinder are designed to be functional and simple. Generally speaking, it is possible to grind a huge variety of things in a grinder – including seeds, crisps, herbs and spices. Some of the ways that these unassuming gadgets help make things easier include the following:

  • Ground whole spices have far more taste than store-brought ground spices. And unlike store-brought spice, you do not have to worry about any additives or flavourings, either. Many brand name spice makers use sneaky ingredients to make their products last longer on the shelves. This is good for business, but not so good for your health. Grinding your own ensures that your food is always seasoned perfectly, with the full flavour provided by freshly ground seasonings.
  • Spices are good for your health. You could save yourself future visits to the doctor if you use some of the most beneficial spices such as ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, paprika and cayenne pepper. Sadly, pre-ground spice loses much of its healing abilities – especially after it is doctored with additives to make it last longer on the shelf. Check out our list of benefits from whole spice to learn more about how these power seasonings can make life healthier and better all round – for body, skin and hair.
  • Preparing your favourite spices will make cooking simpler. We do not recommend grinding very large amounts to keep, but in smaller doses for a week or so, you can prepare your favourite blends to have on hand while you are cooking. This will make it easier to make your favourite curries, stews and dishes, with everything you need ready and waiting. Shopping at your local spice merchant will allow you to try new flavours that you have not tried yet. Making mini batches to sample is also a great way to explore different flavours.

Stocking up on a few different spice grinders will help you get full use out of your spices, without the risk of flavour contamination. Visit Global Grinders to view our full selection of grinders and bottles today!

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