If you spend any time in the kitchen, chances are good that you have at least one or two spice grinders somewhere. Perhaps it is a cheap grinder that came with the store-bought spice you got recently, or maybe it is a good quality grinder that you use for your favourite whole spices. You may even have a grinder that does the job… but is far from regular.

Novelty spice grinders are loads of fun, giving you even more reason to add spice to your meals. Kids love them, grown up kids love to give them to friends as housewarming gifts (and secretly enjoy using them at home, too), and guests around the table are almost always charmed as well. With the range of weird and wonderful mills and grinders out there after all, dinner will likely never be the same when you have a Star Wars droid or a realistic-looking camera lens on the table to grind up your salt and pepper!

Novelty Spice Grinders – Putting the ‘Fun’ in Functionality

We have collected some of the best novelty grinders on the web, to share them with you here today. These are not what you would call subtle kitchen gadgets, and a better word to describe some might be ‘downright crazy’, but they are sure to be the most interesting spice grinders you have seen in a while. Here are our top pick for unusual table tools for grinding spice and seasonings…

1. A grinder straight out of a Victorian horror movie

We suspect that this somewhat spooky looking contraption would fit right in at Dr. Who’s dinner table. With its delightfully vintage design, it will suit any fan of Victoria era fiction and fantasy too, we are sure.

Steampunk Grinder

[Steampunk grinder via designswan.com]

2. A quirky, modern take to milling salt and pepper

With a sleek design, the windmill grinder is stylish enough to pass for a contemporary grinder, while still being just interesting enough to act as a conversation piece.

Windmill Grinder

[Windmill Grinder by Koziol via Polyvore]

3. A religious icon to make sure that you watch your sodium intake

The Blessed Mother can now watch over every dining experience, to provide much-needed motivation to watch what you eat, while also providing blessings on the meal about to be enjoyed.

Virgin Mary Grinder


[Virgin Mary Grinder via Sour Puss Clothing]

4. A gigantic pencil grinder, complete with eraser

This one is bound to be a big hit with kids – especially those who are just starting school. Add some fun to the dining table, and let the giant pencil follow up the meal with homework reminders as soon as the last plate is cleared.

Giant Pencil Grinders

[Giant Pencil Grinders via Buzzfeed]

5. A grinder that every photographer will appreciate

Cleverly disguised as a realistic looking lens, this grinder makes a fabulous gift for the photographer in your life. The detail in the design is quite astounding, and best of all, it is totally functional to boot.

Camera Lens Grinders

[Camera Lens Grinders via petapixel.com]

6. A grinder for the puzzle fanatic, geek or 80s child

Actually, just about everyone will love this Rubik’s cube grinder, which may not be solvable in the traditional puzzle way, but works very well to give you freshly ground pepper on the double. This is a fun gift, a great conversation starter and also something that those 80s kids will enjoy.

Rubiks Cube Grinders

[Rubik’s Cube Grinders via wantist.com]

7. A stylish but somewhat creepy helping hand grinder

Wooden marionette hands have become rather in vogue lately, particularly in homes that have a Scandinavian style of modern interior décor. This interesting grinder takes the trend one step further, providing you with a gadget that is not only on trend, but also useful for those perfectly seasoned meals.

Wooden Hand Grinders

[Wooden Hand Grinders via Petagadget]

8. A grinder that will have you reaching for a tissue

Best suited for fresh black pepper, the Ah Choo grinder is a joy for those who love a good pun. It will certainly get a laugh at your next dinner party, and smaller kids will never get tired of making sneeze-related jokes.

Ah Choo Pepper Grinder

[Ah Choo Pepper Grinder via fab.com]

9. A grinder for the Star Wars fans

How could any collection of novelty gadgets be complete without functional Star Wars memorabilia? Everyone’s favourite beeping droid comes all the way from the Empire and right to your kitchen to give you freshly ground spice with just a quick twist.

R2D2 Grinder

[R2-D2 Grinder via Tumblr]

10. A spice hack for those wanting to try a fun seasoning

This one is not exactly a grinder, but the idea is novel enough that we had to share. Grind your favourite Doritos chips with a pestle and mortar; then pop them into a spice grinder to sprinkle over burgers, pizza, salad, sarmies and anything else you feel like seasoning. While not the healthiest way to add flavour to meals, this is worth sampling nonetheless.

Doritos Grinder

[Doritos spice hack via Buzzfeed]

Of course, if you prefer your gadgets on the simple, stylish and functional side, you can always browse our range of spice grinders that get the job done quickly and simply, every time.

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