About 20 minutes’ drive from our factory, we have the absolute pleasure of being able to experience a wonderful spectacle. At this time of the year, several species of whale come into False Bay (situated near Cape Point) to calf in this protected bay. A road runs along the complete area so daily there are traffic jams with many, many local and overseas enthralled sightseers enjoying this annual event.

The Southern Right Whale

The most common species seen here is the Southern Right Whale( in the picture above). The term “right” refers to the fact that in the 19th century these whales were regarded as the “right” whales to catch because of their high oil content and also because they were slow swimmers. All whales are now classified as protected species in South Africa, so possibly they feel safe coming so close to our shores.

The Humpback Whale

These are renowned as the “acrobats” of the ocean and put on a wonderful show of breaching (jumping clear out of the water), lobtailing ( slapping the water with their tails) and spyhopping (poking their heads out of the water) as if just for the entertainment of  the appreciative audiences with their cameras clicking away.

Next month we will be enchanted by the sight of the calves swimming alongside their mothers learning all the tricks of life until they are ready to head out to deeper waters.

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