Our patented design adjusts easily from a coarse to a fine grind, simply by pulling upwards, pushing downwards. From a fine sprinkle of Himalayan rock salt over a sliced ripe Roma tomato layered with mozzarella and basil leaves to a coarse seasoning of black pepper over a thick portion of rump steak ready to hit the gridle, the ease of the Push-Pull adjustability can turn anyone into a practised chef.

It has never been as simple: gripping the bottle firmly, simply pull up the grinder head and twist. A coarser version of the chosen spice will flow out. Push it down again, and it will return to a finer sprinkling. Originally launched with the Inline Adjustable grinder (a BPA free and completely recyclable design), this added functionality proved so popular, it has been extended to fit some models of the Elegant grinder.

We can also supply it with our traditional bladed gears or with our innovative EasyGrind™ mechanism. As with all our products, we only use materials approved by FDA & EU for use with food products.

Convenience and ease-of-use are two characteristics which rate highly in the minds of consumers as they go about their daily tasks. The versatility which an adjustable grinder brings to the kitchen and the table fits right in with these priorities. It is therefore not surprising that a variety of other adjustable mechanisms have appeared on the market of spice grinders.

The key to selecting the best functionality centres around checking the following aspects:

  • Is the milling operation just as smooth in the fine as in the coarse position?
  • Do larger particles build up around the mechanism, making it difficult to return the grinder to its finer setting?
  • Does the finer setting still allow for sufficient flow of ingredients without having to turn the mill multiple times to produce the desired output?
  • Does the coarser setting allow whole elements (such as a whole peppercorn) to make their way through?
  • Are the finer and coarser sprinkles just as satisfactory when grinding very different components such as salt crystals and peppercorns?
  • Can the mechanism and grinding action withstand more than one fill of the spice jar?

The answers to the above will guide the selection of a suitable mechanism expected to perform as well as our Push-Pull Adjustable grinders.

The most effective ways to display clearly the adjustable functionality of these Push-Pull grinders at point-of-sale include printing a push-pull motion diagram with arrows:

  • On a sleeve wrap around the spice bottle
  • On a paper insert placed between the lid and the grinding gears
  • By embossing the lid of the grinder itself

The decision will usually be based on a combination of quantities, costs and marketing strategy.

Inline Adjustable 38mm 1-start Grinder_top view
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