Wholesale Spice Grinder Compliance – What You Need to Know

We’ve spoken about wholesale spice grinder standards before on the blog, but just how important is compliance in the grand scheme of things? Do you really need to think about compliance when sourcing grinder bottles and tops for your business? Can you get away with choosing the cheapest option rather than the best option? What are the repercussions of going with the cheapest route? Keep reading to find out why compliance is something that you cannot afford to ignore when searching for wholesale spice grinder suppliers.

Understanding Wholesale Spice Grinder Compliance

Why is compliance so important when it comes to finding a wholesale spice grinder supplier? For starters, here are some of the top reasons to ensure that all potential manufacturers are compliant.

Wholesale Spice Grinder Compliance – What You Need to Know

Supplier compliance helps to ensure your own compliance.

In order for your company to achieve ISO certification or any other type of compliance, a clear supply chain is required. That means that you cannot afford to source any supplies or products from any manufacturer or supplier that is not compliant according to laws in your country. For small spice vendors and other businesses that do not ever intend of achieving compliance, that may not be a major challenge. For many commercial ventures who have to answer to stakeholders, submit reports and undergo gruelling certification processes, a lack of compliance in any area of product conception can cause numerous problems.

Supplier compliance helps provide assurance to customers.

Another important reason for compliance across the board is the ability to provide a full guarantee to customers. Just as you likely take great strides in sourcing only the freshest, best quality salts, herbs and spices from trusted suppliers, you also need to take the time to source grinder bottles and closures that meet international standards. These will typically have been put through numerous tests to ensure the best possible grind, the highest quality glass or PET bottle and the most durable materials. When your premium spices and herbs are stored and sold in premium bottles and grinders, you are able to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to your customers.

Supplier compliance sets you apart from sub-standard competitors.

Despite the importance of standardisation and quality assurance, there are many companies of various sizes that do not put a great deal of emphasis on standards. In the short term, these companies may gain customers initially. As customers begin to notice that spices and herbs seldom stay fresh on the shelves and that the grinders are poor quality, they soon begin to look for fresher, better products. When you put a great deal of thought and effort into all steps throughout the supply chain, from the packaging all the way to the product and the grinders, the result is a superior product that can always be trusted. This is easily one of the most powerful marketing tools you could ever have, helping to keep you ahead of the competition, year upon year.

When you partner with Global Grinders, you will always have peace of mind knowing that you are sourcing from a trusted ISO certified supplier. Contact us today to find out more about working with a wholesale spice grinder supplier with a proven track record and a long-standing reputation for excellence.





Why Choose Spice Grinders for Corporate Gifting?

Trying to consider whether spice grinders are a good choice for your year-end gift bags? Planning a special promotion? Although the festive season is still months away, now can be a good time to start thinking about corporate gifting. Gift bags don’t only have to be limited to the holidays, either. You may be planning a promotion to celebrate the launch of a new product or you may be introducing your spice range at an upcoming product launch.

Why Choose Spice Grinders for Corporate Gifting

Whatever your gifting goals may be, knowing what to include in your gift bags can go a long way in ensuring that your gifts are well-received. Keep reading to find out what makes spice grinders a surprisingly excellent choice for your corporate gift bags.

Top Reasons to Consider Wholesale Spice Grinders for Corporate Gifting

If you are looking for a versatile, practical choice for corporate gifting, wholesale spice grinders offer a number of unique benefits. Here are just a few reasons to consider this item for your corporate gifts.

Practical, functional gift.

Whether you are planning a product launch or you are starting to think about year-end gifts for important clients or stakeholders, salt, pepper or spice sets offer a practical, functional gift that will be used and enjoyed by recipients. Rather than gifting your clients with gadgets that may end up being tossed away or placed in a drawer and forgotten about, consider a thoughtful gift that is made to be savoured. There are many different ways that you can use this item in corporate gift packages. A set of mini grinders that are filled with custom spice blends or flavoured salts can work just as well as a set of salt and pepper grinders filled with your product.

Multiple branding opportunities.

Spice bottles can be branded in a number of ways. Custom labels can be made to display a personalised message and your logo on the front of the spice bottle. Gift tags can also be made to order, tying onto glass bottles and making them reusable. Etching, sandblasting and other techniques could also be considered in the case of VIP clients. If you choose plastic bottles made from PET, you could look at adding labels onto the front of the bottles or even onto flip-top closure lids. Complete the package with subtly branded tissue paper and a branded gift bag or box.

Ideal for a wide audience.

Ideal for the restaurant industry and other food-related industries such as catering, spice retailers, online stores selling food and beverages, and even coffee shops or bakeries, spice bottle sets can also be gifted to many other industries. Healthcare sectors such as spas, hospitality businesses such as hotels or guest houses, or even game lodges, dieticians, food authors, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, food and lifestyle photographers, and many other businesses would all be an excellent audience for this type of gift. Marketing agencies and other similar businesses can also use this type of gift, too, tying in seasonal greetings or other such puns for a fun, quirky year-end gift idea.

Global Grinders offers a wide range of spice bottles in various sizes along with a selection of closures. Contact us today to find out how to place your order for wholesale spice grinders in Cape Town and surrounds.

A Guide to Wholesale Spice Grinders’ Jar/Bottle Sizes

Are you wondering which spice container size is best suited to your brands’ requirements? Bottles and Jars are available in a variety of sizes to suit the diverse needs of the retail, wholesale and food service categories of the seasoning and spice industry.

A Guide to Wholesale Spice Grinder Sizes

From (12.6 oz) 375ml and (10.9 oz) 325ml bottles to serve the catering and food service industries to economy sized bottles of (6.7oz) 200ml, and standard (3.3 oz) 100ml bottles and (2.7 oz)80ml bottles, to serve the retail and online shopper, your ideal capacity requirements are available.

Choosing the Right Spice Grinder Bottle/Jar Sizes

Whether it is a Glass Jar you require or PET, Global Grinders offers a range of sizes as follows:

375ml (12.6 oz) 

Filling (12.6 oz) 375ml to the neck and (13.1 oz) 390ml overfill, this larger size bottle has a weight of (1.2 oz) 35g. Its base is (2.3 ins) 60mm in diameter while its height is (6.4 ins) 163mm. This bottle is ideal for catering businesses, the food service industry, restaurants, and any other businesses that sell spice, salt or pepper in larger quantities. The bottle is made from high-quality PET and has shapely lines. It has a (1.49 ins) 38mm 3 start thread and is non removable. (Not available in glass).

325ml (10.9 oz)

This bottle fills to (10.9 oz) 325ml to the neck and (11.9 oz) 353ml overfill. It weighs (0.98 oz) 28g, and has a base diameter of (2.5 ins) 64mm and a height of (6.9 ins) 177mm. It is also ideal for catering businesses, but is also found on shelf in retail stores. Although it is slightly taller than the  abovementioned bottle its carrying capacity is slightly less and it has elegant lines. It is made of PET with a (1.49 ins) 38mm 3 start thread screw/snap-on lid and is non removable. (Not available in glass)

200ml (6.76 oz)

The (6.76 oz) 200ml  PET bottle is an economy sized fairly compact bottle. It fills (6.76 oz) 200ml to its neck and has a (7.3 oz) 218ml overfill. The bottle weighs (0.88 oz) 25g, making it compact enough for the home food and beverage supply market. The bottle has a base diameter of  (2.04 ins) 52ml and a height of (5.7 ins)146mm, and a sturdy ( 1.49 ins)38mm 3 start thread screw. (Not available in glass)

100ml (3.3 oz)

Available in Glass with a (1.6 ins) 41mm 2 start thread and in PET in a (1.49 ins) 38mm 3 start thread, the 100ml bottle is the standard size that is sold in supermarkets worldwide and used in various industries from catering to hospitality.

The glass bottle fills (3.3 oz) 100ml to neck with a (3.7 oz) 112ml overfill. It weighs (4.3 oz)124g, with a base diameter of (1.7 ins) 45mm and a height of (4.9 ins) 125mm.

The Glass bottle is available with removable and non removable (1.6 ins) 41mm 2 start threads

The PET bottle also fills (3.3 oz) 100ml to neck, with a (4.0 oz) 120ml overfill, weighs (0.88 oz) 25g, (1.5 ins) 44m base diameter and (4.6 ins) 117mm height. The PET bottle has a (1.49 ins)38mm 3 start screw-on thread.

80ml (2.7 oz)

This is a compact 80ml PET bottle and well suited for corporate gifting, hospitality, eventing, and other types of businesses where smaller amounts of salt, pepper or seasoning are needed. It fills (2.7 oz) 80ml to the neck, with a (2.8 oz) 93ml overfill. It weighs (0.59 oz) 17g, with a base diameter of (1.6ins) 42mm and a height of (4.3 ins) 110mm. It has a non-removable snap on lid.

50ml (1.69 oz)

This glass jar has a (1.6 ins) 41mm 2 start thread and can be used in the following markets:

Hospitality, retail supermarkets, corporate gifting and junior cooking events. It weighs (2.82 oz) 80 grams is (2.93 ins) 74.4mm in height and has a base of (1.66 ins) 42.2mm. The jars’ thread has a locking ramp which makes it suitable for removable and non-removable capping. The fill to the neck is (1.64 oz) 48.6 ml, with a brim-full capacity of (2.19 oz) 65ml.

Please Contact Global Grinders for any information you may require about PET Bottles and Glass Jars/ Bottles, we are eager to assist you to ensure you make the best possible bottle/ jar choice for your product. Other contact details are:

+27 21 701 6788


Choose Your Salt Mills & Spice Grinders Carefully

If you have been considering exporting your salt, spices or seasonings it is essential to choose wholesale spice grinders carefully to ensure that your product meets international marketplace requirements. Seasoned spice blends, locally produced spices, unique desert salts and sea salts, herb mixes, pepper mixes and various other seasonings are popular worldwide.

Starting a Spice Export Business - Choose Your Wholesale Spice Grinders Carefully

How to meet the needs of a foreign market? Keep reading.

Spice and Salt Grinders must Meet International Standards

There are several guidelines that need to be taken into account if you plan to export salt, pepper or spices. The most important things to consider when choosing wholesale spice and salt grinders include the following:

ISO certification.

One of the simplest and best ways to ensure that your products will always meet even the most stringent of guidelines is ISO certification. Certification requires suppliers and manufacturers to achieve standardisation that is recognised all over the world. If you source spice grinders from an ISO certified supplier, you are essentially assuring customers that your product is packaged according to the highest possible standards.

Global Grinders (Pty) Ltd is FSSC 2000 Certified. FSSC 22000 is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is based on existing ISO Standards. It demonstrates a company has a robust Food Safety Management System in place that meets the requirements of a products’ customers and consumers. 18.000+ organizations over 140 countries have achieved FSSC 22000 certification. With currently 110+ Licensed Certification Bodies and over 1,500 auditors worldwide, ISO’s mission is to provide a trusted brand assurance platform to the consumer goods industry.

Product freshness.

Products freshness is another way that you can show international partners, clients and investors that you are serious about providing the highest level of quality in protective packaging. Will your products be able to withstand the shipping process and retain freshness and flavour onto a stockists’ shelves?

Heat induction liners and pressure sensitive foam liners  will ensure that your seasoning, salt, pepper and spices will stay fresh during transit and on the shelf once your product has reached the final destination.

Diverse offering.

Another way to add value is to provide a diverse offering that caters to the unique needs of your target market. Depending on your target market consumer, you may choose to sell your seasoning in glass bottles or jars or PET bottles both of which are strong, durable options that present a message of premium quality. These containers are economical and practical.

Offering a range of bottle types and sizes along with a variety of grinders will allow you to stay flexible in competitive markets.

Global Grinders  www.globalgrinders.com has established a long-standing reputation as a trusted spice/salt grinder supplier. We have a range of adjustable grinders in either push-pull adjustable format or 3 setting dial adjustable which has a fine, medium and coarse grind setting. Some of our pepper grinders and salt grinders have Tamper Evident Ring-Pull Seals. There is also the option of snap-on non removable salt mills and screw-on removable spice grinders. Contact Global Grinders today to learn more about our wide range of spice grinders and salt grinders.

Let us assist you to find the ideal solutions for your product/brand needs. Call us on +27 21 7016788 or email us at global.grinders.enquiries@globalgrinders.com

Spice Grinder Jars/Bottles – Glass or Plastic?

Plastic and glass are each unique materials which can present, store and deliver your product safely and economically, whether you or your customer use a single or diverse marketing platforms, such as the supermarket shelf or online purchasing, to reach the target consumer. Both of these bottle types are worth considering.

How to Spot Poor Quality Spice Grinders

If you are wondering which salt/spice grinder bottles are best suited for your product or brand consider the following:


Glass manufacturers say that glass lends a ‘premium feel’ to a brand, that it offers a high quality appearance and that glass offers a versatile option to brands seeking superior quality. It is the only widely-used food packaging material granted the FDA status of “GRAS” or generally recognized as safe – the highest standard.

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. A glass container can go from a recycling bin to a store shelf in as little as 30 days. An estimated 80% of recovered glass containers are made into new glass bottles. Glass is nonporous and impermeable, so there are no interactions between glass packaging and products to affect the flavor of food and beverages. Glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interactions, ensuring that the products inside a glass bottle keep their strength, aroma, and flavor. Our range includes 10ml (0.33 oz), 25ml (0.84 oz), 50ml (1.6 oz) and 100ml (3.4 oz) glass jars.


PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a compound which gives the plastic bottle its toughness, provides energy saving and ease of production. Plastic bottles are sterile and therefore safe to use and recyclable. Due to their resilience they are unlikely to burst or leak. Since the mid 1970’s plastics have risen to prominence as packaging materials for food, beverages, cosmetics and a host of consumer goods. Plastic is easily molded and presented in a multitude of attractive shapes. The seven sizes and shapes in our PET range, from the ‘cute’ angular 50ml jar to the curvaceous 375 ml bottle, are testimony to this feature of plastic.

Global Grinders is here to assist you, please contact us at your convenience, or click on Bottles on our home page. Our range extends from large catering size bottles (375ml -12.6 oz) to specialist small size bottles, with attendant highest quality grinders/mills. Browse our full range of spice bottles and grinders then click on: global.grinders.enquiries@globalgrinders.com or call us on +27 21 7016788 to discuss your wholesale requirements.

3 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Wholesale Spice Grinders

Whether starting a new business or trying to reduce costs, cheap wholesale spice grinders are never worth the chance to save a few rands. You may think that reducing your initial overhead cost will be worthwhile in the long run if it helps you save. Although you might save in the short term, you stand a very high risk of not only losing profit in the long term but also putting your business reputation in danger.

3 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Wholesale Spice GrindersRunning a spice business relies on being able to guarantee the highest level of quality to your customers. When customers are not able to enjoy freshly ground herbs and spices from your company, they will turn to your competitors. This has a knock-on effect on your bottom line as well as your entire brand. Keep reading to find out why cheap wholesale spice grinders are bad for business.

Why Avoid Cheap Wholesale Spice Grinders?

What makes cheap wholesale spice grinder such a big risk to your business? For starters, here are some of the biggest dangers of going with the cheapest option instead of the best option.

You will not be able to guarantee product freshness.

One of the biggest dangers of a poor quality grinder is a poor quality final product. Quality grinders are made according to stringent guidelines. Features such as tamper-proof liners help to preserve ground herbs and spices on the shelves for as long as possible. When you buy the cheapest grinder rather than the best quality grinder, you will not be able to guarantee that your product lasts on the shelves. This may not affect your business when you have new stock, but it will when you try to move stock that is closer to expiration.

You will not be able to ensure ISO certification.

If you are trying to obtain ISO certification, you will not be able to do so unless your grinders have been manufactured by an ISO certified supplier. Many businesses try to cut costs and corners by sourcing large amounts of grinders at the cheapest prices, from China or other destinations that specialise in low cost products. Because the supply chain is harder to track, it will become impossible to obtain certification. This will have a knock-on effect for your business, resulting in an inability to guarantee a quality approved product to your customers.

You will not be able to establish a reputation for quality.

Finally, another risk that can put you out of business is the effect that poor quality grinders have you on your reputation. In today’s world of social media and internet reviews, it takes a matter of seconds for customers to voice their concerns about your products. When you are unable to provide a consistent level of quality, you put your business at risk of poor reviews. Over time, this has a direct impact on your sales. Even if your sales price is low, customers will not want to purchase products that have lost flavour and strength. This will impact on your bottom line in a way that can be very difficult to reverse.

Rather than putting your quality, products and reputation at risk, make sure that you choose a supplier who is able to provide the best quality grinder, every time. Contact Global Grinders today to learn more about purchasing wholesale spice grinders in Cape Town and surrounds.


How to Choose the Best Spice Grinders

How to Choose the Best Spice Grinder

There are many things to consider when choosing the spice grinders that are best suited to your business. Each spice manufacturer has their own requirements, which often depend on the type of herbs and spices that are sold. Providing a range of grinder tops is one way to ensure that your customers get the best use of your products, but it is not always as simple as choosing at random. 

To help you get a better idea of what you will need to look for when choosing your spice grinders, here are a few tips to keep in mind.
What to Consider When Choosing Spice Grinders
Some of the spice grinder tops you may consider include the following:

Adjustable grinders.

Adjustable grinders have the ability to create a coarser grind and a finer grind with one single lid. If your speciality is salt, pepper or other coarse spices that benefit from a varied grind, this can be a very useful USP to customers. Finer ground spices may not benefit from this type of lid, while coarse ground spices may also grind more easily in a fixed grinder. Adjustable screw-on grinders work by pulling up for a coarser grind and pulling down for a finer grinder. Made from high-grade materials, these grinder tops are designed for maximum efficiency.

Fixed grinders.

As the name implies, this grinder produces the same grind, every time. This type of grinder is ideal if you are selling finely ground salt, pepper or other spices that require a finer grind. Look for grinders that meet stringent ISO guidelines, which will ensure that they last as long as possible. Many cheaper grinders are made from poor quality plastics, breaking soon after they have been purchased. A good quality grinder should last long after the spice has been used. Ideally, these grinders should be able to be reused by customers to add optimal value after purchase. Customers can then purchase refill spice packs at a reduced price.

Sprinkler tops.

If you are selling herbs and pre-ground spices, it is equally important to choose your flip top closures wisely. There are a number of different sprinkler tops to consider. The best way to choose is to consider the weight and nature of the spice or herbs you are selling. Larger flakes such as garlic flakes, rosemary and organogram can be sold with large or single hole sprinkler tops, while finer particles require closures that have a few holes to distribute more efficiently.

If you would like to learn more about ordering wholesale grinders through Global Grinders, please get in touch today. We offer a wide range of high quality spice grinders in Cape Town that cater to your needs and budget.

Investing in Wholesale Spice Grinders This Year

Investing in Wholesale Spice Grinders This Year?

Whether you are starting a new venture or expanding your current product line, now is the best time to invest in quality wholesale spice grinders. Choosing a supplier can be daunting, especially if you are not fully sure of what to look for when making your final shortlist. Rather than leaving any decisions to chance, consider the following tips on how to find the best quality wholesale spice grinders in 2018.

How to Find the Best Wholesale Spice Grinders in 2018

Some guidelines to consider when choosing a wholesale spice grinders supplier this year include the following:

Look for ISO certified suppliers.

ISO certified suppliers are the only suppliers that can offer complete peace of mind. Due to the rigid nature of ISO standardisation, along with the required quality testing involved in standardisation, the result is a very high quality grinder that will not have any trouble meeting basic standards. The biggest risk to choosing the cheapest rather than the best quality grinders you can find is that your business image can end up paying the price if the bottles or grinder tops break, fail to grind evenly, do not have liners, do not last, or do not meet basic quality guidelines. Very few businesses can afford to put their reputation at risk.

Look for tamper-proof liners and other added security features.

Induction liners and other liners are essential if you are buying grinders in bulk to sell bottled spices or herbs. There are a number of different liners, including tamper-proof liners, induction liners and pressure sensitive foam liners. Whichever you choose, liners help to retain freshness on the shelf. When they are not used, there is a far higher risk of exposure to moisture, air, and other contamination. This, once again, could end up doing great harm to your reputation if you are selling spices at markets or retail outlets this year. Another essential feature to consider is Likewise, traceability codes, which provide a clear chain of evidence that follows international compliance standards.

Look for suppliers that offer a wide range of grinder and sprinkler tops.

If your potential supplier only stocks grinder tops in a single size, without a selection of sprinkler tops, you may find yourself limited to the products you can sell. If your business is largely course salt or whole spices, this will not be too much of an issue. If, however, you aim to sell a range of herbs and spices, then it is always a good idea to invest in a selection of flip top lids and sprinklers to suit your product requirements. If you are selling bottles in various sizes, it is also essential to ensure that you have corresponding tops that are made for each bottle size.

Look for high quality PET plastic or glass bottles.

Glass bottles are generally the ideal choice, as they can be recycled easily by your end consumer. Glass also adds more value to your product, which is never a bad thing. If you do decide to choose plastic, look for PET plastic that is made to a far higher quality compared to regular plastic. This type of plastic is also recyclable, and it is also designed to be safe to use for food products such as fresh herbs and spices. Regular plastic may seem cheaper initially. It can compromise the quality of your product, however, especially after any time spent on the shelf.

We hope that these guidelines make it easier to find your ideal supplier for bulk grinders in the new year ahead. If you’d like to know more about our approach to wholesale spice grinders, get in touch with the Global Grinders team today.

Why Choose an ISO Certified Spice Grinder Supplier?

Why is ISO certification so important when choosing a spice grinder supplier? You may be wondering whether certified suppliers are any different to non-certified suppliers, or whether certification has any impact on the final quality of your bottled spices and herbs.

Why Choose an ISO Certified Spice Grinder Supplier

To help you get a better of why it is so essential to choose fully certified suppliers when purchasing spice grinders in bulk, we have put together a list of the top benefits of ISO certification.

Top Benefits of ISO Certified Spice Grinders

Some of the top reasons to choose ISO certified suppliers when shopping for wholesale spice grinders include the following:

  1. Optimal herb and spice freshness. When you purchase grinder sets, closures and bottles from an ISO certified supplier, you are getting the best peace of mind in knowing that your product will stay fresh on the shelves. This is achieved through value added services such as induction and tamper proof liners. In addition to preventing air from spoiling your product, you will also be sure that bottles cannot be opened on the shelf. This, in turn, helps to ensure the best possible shelf life of your bottled herbs and spices.
  2. Adherence to food safety regulations. At the same time, certification requires strict adherence to a number of food safety protocols. When purchasing wholesale grinders from a certified supplier, this means that you can also be sure that the highest standards have been followed at every point of the production process, from the very start all the way until your order is shipped. Cheap quality imitations do not offer this level of quality, which can result in reduced quality when bottles and closures are not made according to international standards.
  3. Comprehensive quality guarantee. Following on from rigid testing is a comprehensive guarantee of quality. Here at Global Grinders, we are so sure of our quality that we offer customers the chance to put our bottles and grinders to the test before placing a final order. This means that you will never have to worry about receiving a large order, only to be disappointed with the final product. Simply put, a fully certified supplier practices what they preach.
  4. Rigid testing and assurance process. It is thanks to rigid testing and regulations that such guarantees are given. Testing ensures that improvement is continuous and that quality management is always ensured. Whether it is testing new materials, improving sprinkler holes or simply fine-tuning our products, Global Grinders gives you total peace of mind through ongoing testing.
  5. Best value for money. Finally, as a result of all of these measures that are put in place, you will also get the best possible value for money. Buying cheap grinders may seem like a good investment at first. In reality, you will soon find out that a poor quality grinder results in a poor quality spice. This affects your bottom line directly. When you invest in the best quality grinders and enjoy our wholesale prices that further help you save, you can always be sure that you will see a difference in your turnover.

Contact us today to find out more about what makes us your ideal wholesale partner for high quality spice grinders in Cape Town and surrounds.

More Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Wholesale Spice Grinders

More Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Wholesale Spice Grinders

If you are serious about your business, it is vital to choose wholesale spice grinders carefully. A few months ago, we shared some tips on mistakes to avoid when purchasing bulk spice grinders. Today, we are sharing some more mistakes that you will certainly want to avoid.

Many businesses assume that the best way forward is to find the cheapest, easiest option. Although price is certainly one factor to consider when buying wholesale spice grinders, it is not the only thing that you should be thinking of when making your decision. In this mini guide, we share a few more mistakes to avoid when sourcing grinders in bulk quantities.

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Wholesale Spice Grinders Mistakes

Some of the top mistakes to avoid when you browse and compare wholesale spice grinders include the following:

  • Choosing opaque bottles rather than clear bottles. One danger in buying the cheapest grinders rather than the best value grinders is that you may end up with murky, discoloured or opaque bottles. While you could easily look for high quality plastic bottles to save money, it is essential that you choose PET plastic. Bottles must be clear and spotless, to reduce the risk of consumer confusion. Be very wary of plastic bottles that are not made according to stringent guidelines, especially if you cannot be sure that the supplier is ISO certified. This could put your customers at risk of the bottles are made from harmful toxins. When in doubt, always choose glass unless you are certain that the plastic is food-grade quality PET. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If no answers are provided, it may be hard to know whether or not you are getting the best quality products.
  • Choosing the wrong type of closure. Be wary of suppliers that are only able to provide the most basic of closures. For some types of herbs and spices, you will not require a grinder top. For salt, pepper and many coarse, hard seasoning types, you will need grinder tops. A good grinder supplier will give you a variety of options, with lids that fit various bottle sizes. This is the most effective way to ensure that you are able to package and sell the right lids with the right type of seasoning. Packaging and selling whole peppercorns or coarse salt in a sprinkler type lid will end up increasing your odds of losing your customers. This is something that few businesses can afford to risk.
  • Choosing grinders without getting tamper proof liners. Finally, another major mistake is to forget about tamper proof liners when ordering grinder sets. These are vital if you are a certified spice merchant or you plan to be storing herbs, spices or salts on the shelf or in a pantry for any amount of time. Whatever type of spice business you may have – catering, shop, market or something else entirely – freshness is essential when using or selling spices and herbs. Without liners, products will not remain optimally fresh. This has a knock-on effect, putting your customers at risk of poor quality seasoning and putting your business reputation at risk for selling or providing stale seasoning.

Ready to find out what to do instead of these mistakes? Get in touch with our team today. You will be able to take the stress and guesswork out of the process with the help of Global Grinders – the leading supplier of wholesale spice grinders in Cape Town.